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Hi All!

For the past 5 months, LeverCraft Coffee (Based in Austin, TX) has been working with an independent designer in China who has been working on a new line of coffee grinders. He is a high end automotive engineer with a keen eye for detail. After having many discussions with the designer and a friend who speaks English, he agreed to start working on a 110v prototype that we could bring to the market. I have had the first iteration of this grinder in our cafe, and have been using it at home for some time. It is a seriously impressive grinder at a really competitive price point!

I wanted to get the facts out there so people could see for themselves before we open up orders. There are modifications that we are working on to make it even better, and so this grinder is going to be somewhat "open source." This grinder is capable of controls no other grinder on the market is at the moment. Lastly, the alignment of the grinder is perfect from the factory, and is easy to adjust with no extra tools if swapping burrs etc.

Beside 2 of the most popular single dosing grinders

With the control box on the left

Tech Specs:

Burr Carrier: 80MM (Ditting, SSP, Bunn), 98MM (EK, SSP, Ditting) - We can supply either but it will come standard with a 98MM Burr Carrier, both are extra

Motor: 110v 1.5KW high precision servo motor

Machining Materials: 6061 T6 aluminum. The Lower burr carrier is SUS304 hardened and tempered. Runout is less than .01mm (.0005"!)

Grind adjustment: Stepless, with each mark measuring .005mm vertical travel.

The adjustment mechanism on the Ultra Grinder is unique to this grinder. The burr carrier and the adjustment ring are independent of each other, separated by a precision roller bearing. This means that it is virtually impossible for the adjustment mechanism to move when grinding coffee, no matter how much torque is put on the upper carrier. It also means that no coffee grounds will ever interfere with the threading on the adjustment.

Motor Speed: Currently adjustable from 100-1500rpm.

There are new features being tested for this function and it is possible to install a new controller that allows you to program variable speed into the controller. So your grinder could turn on at 400rpm for 5 seconds and then ramp to full speed to make sure all the coffee is removed from the chamber. It is also possible that you could program a slow ramp as you grind, which could have major effects on quality of the grind. This will be "open source." Currently, the grinder does not come with this feature as it disrupts the remote control.

Speed of grind: I don't think this is relevant, but the grinder is incredibly fast at high speeds, and isn't slow at lower speeds.

Other Features:

Burr alignment. This is where this grinder really shines. Aligning the burrs is incredibly simple, without any extra tools. Simply remove the adjustment mechanism (No need to even change the grind setting), slide the upper burr carrier off the rails, do the sharpie test, and then add the included metal shims to each post to make sure the burrs are perfectly parallel. This can be done in under 30 minutes, with no tools other than a sharpie and the proper hex tool.

Because of this superior alignment system, we have had no issues maintaining 21-25% and sometimes even higher extractions for a normal espresso, while still tasting really, really good.

The control unit is separate from the grinder and can be put under a counter. The RPM adjustment is on the box, but a remote control is included so you can turn the grinder on and off without having access to the box.

Removable magnetic chute system for easy cleaning. The baffle can also be removed if you want to grind larger amounts of coffee fast.

The grinder is very quiet. We just filmed a video and you can't actually hear the grinder when it's on in the video (without beans). It has a very low hum without beans and when the grinder is grinding, it is incredibly quiet. The Niche sounds like a jet engine compared to the Ultra Grinder.

These will be assembled in the US and tested for QC. We will also be providing a sheet with your personal grind settings for espresso, pour over, and french press, with TDS readings and a recipe for each!

Feel free to ask questions! I'm hoping we can open pre-orders within a week or two. They should start shipping in Aug. 2020.

Here's a link to a quick build of the grinder. You can pre-order here https://levercraftcoffee.com/pages/ultra-grinder

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Will you be supplying shim packs either with the grinder or as an option?
Will a black or silver version be an option?


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Another question, if I can align it with shims, why four point and not three point mounting? With 4 points I can easily bend things and have it still feel right.


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ira wrote:Will you be supplying shim packs either with the grinder or as an option?
Will a black or silver version be an option?

A shim pack will be included.

Right now the offered option is going to be Black, but the red plate can be had as well.

Here is an all black grinder in the wild

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ira wrote:Another question, if I can align it with shims, why four point and not three point mounting? With 4 points I can easily bend things and have it still feel right.

The grinder is built around this style of motor to ensure that the precision is as high as it can be. It would require drilling into the motor faceplate to do 3 holes as opposed to 4.

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Pricing information?


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Looks incredible - I love your design for alignment, and the grind speed is freakish!

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blondica73 wrote:Pricing information?
$2200 plus shipping. Pre-order will be a 50% deposit.


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Does the 2200 include burrs? And do you plan on shipping to Canada?

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Yes and yes! Standard are 98MM SSP Red Speed burrs. Others can be had but the price may change slightly