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#391: Post by Bluenoser »

There's a *huge* control box that is obviously meant to be hidden somewhere (maybe underneath a cabinet?) and then a small control box for speed control.. and it can do RPM profiling. But that shows the complexity of this grinder and not sure others have felt that necessary. This grinder is a customization of a Chinese manufacturer (from info in a Hoffmann's video), so maybe you can still buy off-shore. Is there any advantage to RPM profiling? I think I'd want my grinder to come in one case, if possible.. I know many have the speed control separate. Edit: Sorry there is a thread here about the Chinese manufacturer.. seems Zhang is not setup to ship to NA.


#392: Post by mbeck »

I hadn't realized they're shutting down entirely. Heartbreaking. I loved the beans I got from them. Still have a bit left in the deep freezer that I'll ration closely. My sympathy and well wishes to all the LeverCraft folks.

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#393: Post by ira »

As far as I know Levercraft is still alive, all that closed is the Cafe.

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#394: Post by bnw »

I believe that Eric said that after a short pause they'd be back roasting, though I believe he also indicated that he might be doing something different where he tries to find really interesting beans and do a few drops of those a month.

I am not sure about that though, and his plans could always change, so If you are interested in getting more coffee from him I'd probably just reach out and ask.

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#395: Post by jetset »

hi guys! I am new here and interested in the Ultra Grinder.
what happened to the promo? still available? did they deliver the first batch?


#396: Post by Kevintyang »

Unfortunately, they temporarily close, for the time being. You can still purchase coffee and accessories though.

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#397: Post by Jeff »

That's not quite accurate. LeverCraft is still in business. However, no new Ultra orders are being taken at this time.

As I understand it, there have been a series of "issues" with delivery of Ultra-specific parts from their overseas supplier.


#398: Post by mbeck »

True, LeverCraft is still nominally in business. However, the cafe closed, they're not (currently) roasting beans, the grinder orders have all been refunded (I hope), and the only things left for sale on the website are the WDT tool and some merch. Eric e-mailed that he's the only one left to assemble the WDT tools, but that he hopes to get them out in the next week or two. So yes. Nominally still in business. But incontrovertibly at a fraction of his former footprint. It's probably a fair assumption that the losses from the grinder were immense, but I hope at some point Eric will tell his story. Loved his roasting. Hope he begins again. Sympathy and empathy, and respect.


#399: Post by Ad-85 »

I'd be very interested in buying a 2nd WDT tool and coffee from Eric. He handled the situation very well! Respect. I hope that he comes back with a better grinder soon.
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#400: Post by jetset »

sad to hear that. (and scary)
I hope this gets a good ending for everyone involved.

was researching and read somewhere the grinders are sent but still in customs (harbor??) stuck like 1mio other products from Asia.
not sure about the order amount but even a few of these already would be A LOT of money to refund.
what exactly happened, stuck in customs or not built?