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#371: Post by thoang77 »

Afaik, the forum is still open to those who have a grinder. Us suckers got the boot because we never will.

And no, I've heard nothing in regards to the scheduled calls


#372: Post by Ad-85 »

I really wanted an ultra grinder :( I think Eric did what he could to keep it going but Zhang was the one who refused to manufacture them. Well, I hope a small 80mm single dose grinder (that fits LS807 burrs & have perfect alignment) will come to market soon. I enjoyed talking to Eric and learned a lot from him.
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#373: Post by TsurTriger »

Eric sent an email on nov 10th.
At leadt it the last email I received from him.

I'm happy to hear that at least Ultra forum isn't gone. There is some great info shared between the members.


#374: Post by Pizzaandspro »

So sad. I was waiting for months. Now what!!!???? What's the next best available big grinder?


#375: Post by Entreri »

Lagom P100?


#376: Post by Pizzaandspro »

Yea but it's not available....I really loved the look of the Ultra. Did I say I was sad?


#377: Post by Entreri »

Feel you!

I think that all these "titan class" grinders are very difficult to get hold of, but it seems like Option-O have the best availability. At least they drop fairly large batches regularly-ish, with notification via mailing list.


#378: Post by Pizzaandspro »

I put my name on it. We'll see. At this point nothing compares to the look. I think I might save a grand and try to get the smaller p64.


#379: Post by Entreri »

I've ordered that myself - late November shipment :)


#380: Post by jevenator »

I would say your other options are waiting for a P100 drop if you insist on 98mm burrs.
A P64 is also a good option from what I've heard from others but myself I have never used it.

The next alternative is the Bentwood V63 that came to the U.S. market very recently. For the last couple of weeks I've been using the BW over the LCU. I have not been drinking light roast espresso and I really don't like dark roasts on a 98mm HU. For filter, atm I think I have a preference towards the BW because it offers a bit more texture to the cup that 98mm HU cannot provide. There are a lot of new owners of the Bentwood and we have all for the most part enjoying it.

I still don't think anything can beat the workflow, cleanliness, and sound that the LCU provides though.