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#351: Post by Stevebcoffee »

I've just started trying to use it to bag grind as well. Am using a Compak hopper with gaskets so it fits. The finer the grind, the faster you can go. Do not try French Press at 1,500 rpm - the kitchen will be a mess! 700 to 500 is the sweet spot. Still fast but not too fast.
Don't bother to RDT. I attached a magnet to the bit that the portafilter hooks onto and stuck a magnet onto an Aeropress hex funnel - works great.The grinder is on the control box and a bag fits perfectly with the above arrangement.


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Could you take a picture of your bag grinding setup?

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#353: Post by Stevebcoffee »

Will do after this weekend. The previous attempt didn't work well so I'm trying a better fitting hopper. Also have fashioned a food grade tube that attaches via magnets. It now grinds direct into the bag and seems to create no mess regardless of what speed you run.


#354: Post by woodhouse »

so how exactly does the programming work? do you specify a certain rpm for a certain amount of seconds, or specify two rpms and set a certain amount of seconds to ramp between the two? what are the capabilities of the rpm profiling? the video posted only really shows you how to turn the profiling function on and off.

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#355: Post by Jake_G »

There are 10 segments that can be programmed. (0 - 9)

Each segment has a start speed, end speed and duration.

Thus you can set the start speed and the end speed to be the same and have a constant speed for the duration of the segment.

You can have the end speed of one segment be the same as the start speed of the next segment and have a smooth transition between segments.

Alternatively, you can have a step change between segments by setting the start speed of the next segment to be different from the end speed of the prior segment and the grinder will accelerate (or decelerate) so the next speed as quickly as it is able to (as programmed by the drive inside the big box).

Make sense?

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#356: Post by woodhouse »

Okay that makes sense. So a bit of finesse would be required to get the best out of rpm profiling, i.e. dropping/feeding the beans in at exactly the right moment.

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#357: Post by Jake_G »

You can profile from a stop if you like.

Load the beans in and then start the profile. You get the initial ramp up to speed, but it happens very quickly.

Alternatively, you can have a "starting sequence" where the rpm does something meaningful to clue you in that the part of the profile you care about is about to begin. I used a 3s 250rpm starting point, and then dropped the dose and it worked fine, but I preferred starting from zero for repeatability.


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HI All!

We are going to be closing pre-orders at EOD today for the Ultra grinder in order to catch up on our massive backlog. I don't think Zhang or myself ever really thought we would be selling this many grinders in such a short span of time and we both agree that it would be best to get on top of the current orders prior to taking any more.

Rest assured, we will be getting all the grinders that have already been pre-ordered and of course, nothing else will change. I still believe fully that this is the best grinder currently on the market and by closing orders down for now, we can make sure it stays that way. It will allow us to make sure that every grinder is delivered with the same care and attention to detail as the first.

Please DM me if you have any questions!



#359: Post by woodhouse »

DucaiMann wrote:Please DM me if you have any questions!

Hey Eric, I sent you a DM a day or so ago. Not sure if it's come through.


#360: Post by mtbizzle » replying to woodhouse »

I think Eric is pretty busy these days, a lot going on at Levercraft, I would expect at least a few days to be normal :D