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Jake_G wrote: First, the motor and its longevity and life cycle:
As others have said, the Ultra uses an Permanent Magnet AC (PMAC) Synchronous servo motor. The motor is a relatively standard 130mm frame servo used in tens of thousands of light industrial applications. It is often marketed as a CNC servo, due to the high accuracy of speed and position control made possible by the motor and encoder combo. If this motor failed, you could replace it with any other 130mm servo with similar torque and speed characteristics with no issue aside from a few parameter adjustments on the drive. It is not proprietary. To illustrate this, the original 2500 rpm 220V motor did not work satisfactorily on 110V. We were able to find a suitable motor locally and plug it into the big box and get the grinder going without any issue. That said, the 110V servo is less common than the 220V servo and it is preferable to match the motor to your supply voltage to get the best performance.
Thanks Jake. That helps and is closer to what I need to jump aboard. I assume the lettering on the motor are in English when ordering from Levercraft US, which would be quite helpful in looking for similar torque and speed characteristics for a replacement.

And thanks to all others who responded. All responses were helpful, especially Jeff's... dead on point.

[Edit: I pre-ordered mine. Now the wait.]

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Thank you Jake and Jeff for these insides and technical details :)


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Just placed my preorder for June delivery but I don't see on the accessories list the magnetic dosing funnel Hoffmann used in his video - is that still an included accessory or do we need to be holding the portafilter during grinds? Also, is there any plan to make a dosing cup for filter coffee users to grind into?


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What filter method are you brewing with?
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Primarily V60, some aeropress on occasion.
Typical day starts with espresso for my wife and I, then I'll brew one or 2 v60's throughout the day.


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You are in luck.

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Haha, sometimes the simplest solution is the best, thank you. If the forks will hold the v60 then that's perfect.

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They do- it is convenient.
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cccpu wrote:You are in luck.

By what wizardry is your aero press floating?


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jevenator wrote: By what wizardry is your aero press floating?
Inverted AP dosing funnel FTW
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