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#171: Post by DucaiMann »

ducats wrote:I'm pretty sure that's just how loud the Ultra is :wink:

Out of curiosity, what was the runtime for the live stream?

Fingers crossed.

It was over an hour, no sound. I tried it with VLC with no luck!

I'm going to do my best to make some more videos this week, and we will do a few IG live videos. Youtube requires you to have 1000 followers to do a live video via mobile.


#172: Post by wug2grinder »

For those who want to see how it works

Here is a video link I got from Taiwan forum
Enjoy it while waiting!


#173: Post by knumph »

Nice find! I've been stalking Instagram for posts of this grinder too. What's interesting to me is it seems like there is a lot more content out there where people are using it primarily for brew moreso than for espresso, at least based on what I'm able to find on social media.

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#174: Post by ducats »

wug2grinder wrote:For those who want to see how it works

Here is a video link I got from Taiwan forum

[youtube] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDTVpvZSMP8[/youtube]

Enjoy it while waiting!
Yes! Thank you!

Anyone have a good idea for how to cover the Ultra logo on the magnetic chute part, something a little more glamorous than electrical tape? You've got the straight, vertical lines on the grinder, but then the logo sort of, kind of, clashes with it because it maybe has the aesthetics of those non-permanent tattoos you used to put on when you were 8.


#175: Post by jevenator » replying to ducats »

Pretty sure Eric over the live stream mentioned that that is not the final logo that will be coming to the US. They are working on a better design for us :D. Eric can correct me if I'm wrong but that's what I heard.
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#176: Post by knumph » replying to jevenator »

How did the shots look? For all the content that exists out there I haven't seen someone actually pull a shot lol


#177: Post by jevenator » replying to knumph »

Shots looked good. Eric kinda guessed the grind setting and got pretty much close to exactly what he wanted on his DE1 PRO. He pulled two shots on it with the Cremina Lever profile & tasted them.

What I love is the true versatility of the grinder. I'll give you an example. I want a pour-over in the morning and wife wants a latte. I can swing the adjustment over to pour-over setting. Grind my 22g and then if I know where I dialed in for a particular bean go to that exact same spot on the finer side and it should be spot on for an espresso with zero retention on both sides.

I am amazed by how quiet the grinder is. You could not hear it over the call when it was on. I just went from a Forte to a Monolith Flat and that was a big improvement in sound, looks like it will get even better.
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DucaiMann wrote:You got it! Lots to do today but I'll try to get it up this evening!

Pre-Orders for August shipment are sold out.
When is your next round of pre-orders and shipment?

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#179: Post by DucaiMann » replying to chappcc »

Pre-orders for shipping in October is open.


#180: Post by knumph »

DucaiMann wrote:Y'all, I recorded the video but apparently there is no sound.

I guess we are just going to have to do another video! We will have it sorted out and will do it either Friday or on the weekend.
Do we still plan on this? I don't need an hour of anyone's time but just a couple minutes of video putting this thing thru it's paces in an unvarnished video would be all I would want.