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luca wrote:How are the burr sets "similar"?
Right, I've looked at the burr pattern and they do look unique on the pk100. I meant "similar" more in the sense of the fact that they are niche, top tier, and how that affects the price of the grinder (which was the point I was trying to make: the grinders both sport presumably expensive burr sets in a grinder that is proven to have tight tolerances, and yet one is over a thousand bucks more). I haven't ever had coffee from one of these new compaks; in fact, I've never even seen one in the wild yet

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luca wrote:Understanding the difference between the many different 98mm burrs is not easy!
Glad to see you chime in, Luca. I've been researching this very pesky subject and have found your posts to be some of the most helpful.

Could I followup on one of your posts from Best filter coffee grinder. EG1 or Monolith:
the Max cups seemed sweeter and heavier in body than the EK cups, but lower in acidity and with less clarity and intensity of flavour. If I had to guess, I'd say that so far that's probably consistent with what I've tasted over a few months of espresso use. Again, subjectively, like Beewee says, it also strikes me that the Max burrs are probably more suited to espresso than filter - at least compared with an EK. However, this is a bit bizarre, since Kafatek seem to say that the Max is their grinder that they recommend for lighter roasts. Hopefully I'll get a chance to do the blind triangle head to heads and be able to have a firmer view.
Admittedly, my primary coffee intake is pourover (v60), but you've got the pre-2015 ek burrs in yours, and your alignment's good? The Max has the low uniformity ssp burrs? Between Max and EK, which would you take for pourover?

From kaffee-netz.de, Titus says (https://www.kaffee-netz.de/threads/ssp- ... st-1794815):
In the beginning we preferred the "high uniformity" for espresso and found it OK for filters.
The discs that I would consider "the best of both worlds" are the "low fines".
Low fines and low uniformity burrs from ssp, are the same ones? In my research, I can't dig up the source, but I thought I gathered that the consensus for the Max, with low uniformity ssp burrs, was OK for filter, but great for espresso.

Any idea where ssp ultra low burrs fit into this equation? And then what about Lab Sweet burrs? Context of espresso AND filter would be appreciated.

I just wanted to follow up and see if you've discovered anything new or had any enlightening tests since you compared Max and EK. Thanks.

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If I had my choice, I think I'd go for this color scheme, swapping the chrome on the Ultra to the darker color that's on this (wonderful) fountain pen's accents and nib--primarily to visually blend the forks into the rest of the grinder as they are kind of the weak-link of the Ultra's aesthetics:


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We will be doing a live demo of the grinder with our Decent Espresso machine on Friday. It will be recorded so people can watch it later. What would you like to see from the video? Update on that coming soon. Pre-orders will end shortly after the video is released.


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Would love to see you grind, tamp, and pull a shot, then adjust grind for a pour over, and then dial the grinder right back to the previous setting on the dial for espresso, and pull that shot. I'm very interested to see how well this thing could just replace both of my grinders at home and just have one


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Hey Eric!

It would be cool to see how the grinder performs across a range of espresso ratios, maybe from a 1:1 ristretto to a 1:5 super lungo? I'm curious what kind of TDS are achievable. It would also be cool to see how flow rate and taste changes with the motor speed. Can't wait to see the livestream!


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I would like to see the alignment process, to me that is the standout feature of this grinder.
Also differences in pulling a shot with max rpm and maybe 800 rpm would be great, all other parameters staying the same, especially grams out. Shot time and taste would be my main interests here.
Maybe some practical retention test, weighting in and out of the grinder, without to much ado, e.g. just one flick of the springy thing no brush.
I believe you have the SSP high uniformity burrs, but if you have multiple I would be very much interested in the taste differences for pour over for these burrs: SSP similar to pre 2015 EK and Lab Sweet burrs.
Thank you for asking :)

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I'm so excited for this video!! Do you have a time yet Eric? I would like to see what the others have mentioned as well! I wouldn't mind learning about the app and when/if that will be coming.

Also, do you mind discussing pricing for the following?

1. 80mm burr carrier (And potentially an 80mm burr set). I know you said $250 for the carrier but what about the burr set?
2. Travel case for grinder (Similar to the Decent Espresso Machine case)
3. 98mm burrs (instead of the 98MM Red Speed High U burrs that come with the grinder). When you say "98mm burrs" which burrs are you talking about? Also, is it possible to substitute SSP Low Uniformity burrs instead of the High Uniformity burrs?
4. RPM profiling. Is there an extra cost for this since it appears to be optional?
5. Is it possible to get a longer cord for my application? I want to put the controller under my counter, but I think I may need a longer cord than 6 feet.

Thank you so much for asking for our input Eric!!


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Ok tomorrow we will be doing a live YouTube video. Yes, it will be recorded for later viewing.

4pm CST

I will post the link when it is ready to go!
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