Let's see vintage electric grinders

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#1: Post by Gpinch1 »

Would be nice to see some vintage electric grinders.
There certainly are some beautiful ones from the 50's - 60's


#2: Post by ripvanmd »

Recent addition to the stable....

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#3: Post by aaronmaestri »

Here's my favourite.

If only i could find / afford one. I have to be satisfied with the single group Urania i have

Gpinch1 (original poster)

#4: Post by Gpinch1 (original poster) »

Thats amazing !


#5: Post by aaronmaestri »

some more chrome.
If I'm going to shell out hundreds of dollars on a grinder I want a metal / enamel badge on it, not plastic and certainly not paint.

Gpinch1 (original poster)

#6: Post by Gpinch1 (original poster) »

Just beautiful !!

It's too bad more makers don't do enamelled bages.


#7: Post by aaronmaestri »

Here's a couple of FAEMAs from back when they made good looking grinders

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#8: Post by grog »

Love the hopper on that Mazzer.
LMWDP #514


#9: Post by DucaiMann »

I have one of those!

It has standard size flat burrs. All I had to do was swap out the bearings and everything runs. 220v and it is a beast. The grinds fly out of the chute and generate quite a bit of static. Not a home grinder, but it is neat to look at!


#10: Post by aaronmaestri »

a couple more with really nice shaped glass hoppers. I also like the one armed bandit style of doser lever on the left