Last week's random grinder news: New Titus, Tim Wendelboe's Roburs no more

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Titus announced on IG that a new grinder is coming: an "All-Rounder" with choice of 74mm burrs (Mythos/SSP/Gorilla Gear). All-rounder is in terms of roast levels, unlike the light-roast Nautilus. Shots of the incomplete grinder under construction show an appearance derived from the Nautilus, but smaller. The motor housing looks similar and there will be a separate power supply like the Nautilus. Unlike the Nautilus, the new grinder has a feeder/pre-breaker reminiscent of his EK carrier. First few machines will go to the EU. Cost was not stated in the IG posts, but if you have to ask ... :wink:

Much has been made over the years of Tim Wendelboe using 3-phase Roburs in his cafe. He has previously stated that although there were better grinders for his coffee, he hadn't found another grinder that is as consistent as the 3-phase over a the course of a busy day. However, that appears to have changed. In his recent 15th anniversary video below, a couple of Mahlkoenigs are seen where the Roburs used to be. I'm not up on my MK-spotting skills, but I'm guessing E80 Supremes. (FWIW, a long ago Tim had some input into the development of the Peak.)
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