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I did get the Urbanic 070s (stock burrs).. ordered from Company was great.. drop shipped from Korea. The grinder seems pretty solid. I can't measure whether the motor is truly 250W as it only draws 1/2 amp when on without beans.. But in grinding a medium roast I don't notice any slow-down. It seems well built and simple. I'd like to have a bellows with it.. I plan to try to make it stepless and to align it.

The grind seems good and on a medium roast brazilian, natural. It certainly brings out the caramel tasting note. I have not yet compared it to my Kafatek MC3. It seems more solid than my Sette270. I have no idea how well the burrs are aligned and plan to try the aluminum foil alignment technique. I do notice a bit of a pull to the left as the motor turns on (torque) .. nothing major..

Overall for $300 landed in Canada it seems like a pretty good buy. I do make pour overs.. but at single cups of 15g, I'm always pretty close to the finest adjustment. I might need to over-ride the minimum step once aligned.

There has been a lot of discussion on grinders lately and how expensive some are.. I can just say that the Kafatek MC3 was certainly a lot more (10x), but the ease of use and quality precision gives me zero regrets at buying anything from Dennis.