Lagom P64 is making a terrible noise - Help

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Hi guys, this is my first post here but I was a long time lurker and I always appreciate how the experts on this forum help out newbies like me. Based on the lagom thread and the wonderful user experience I've read there I decided to get me one as my end game espresso grinder but unfortunately my user experience differs from those amazing reviews I've read! Lagom P64 is driving me crazy with its noise level!! I don't know what's wrong with it because I've watched a lot of youtube videos and their lagoms don't make such sound!! Something must be wrong with my grinder and I really need your help to fix it. Here is a video of the sound it makes.
The burrs aren't touching and I've cleaned the burrs more than once but no use. I'm back using my baratza sette 30 which I'm glad I didn't sell. Any thoughts on how to fix this issue?

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does this happen at all speeds?

codes123 (original poster)

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The sound is continuous even with a low RBM.

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That ain't right. Period.
It's not silent when running without beans but it's pretty quiet.
Something's wrong with yours.


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Has it made that noise from the beginning? Mine definitely does not make that type of sound...

Have you removed the bottom burr and burr carrier to see if maybe there is something stuck or rubbing on the bottom of the burr carrier (the thing with the wipers). I'd try removing that and running it with just the motor shaft exposed to see if the noise is coming from the motor itself.



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I assume you've contacted Option-0?

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Mine doesn't sound like that at all! Even on the highest speed. There must be something wrong with your unit. You should contact Hayden (option-o) he is really helpful and he answers everything you ask him ( I had plenty of questions before purchasing mine and he replied to all my emails ) mine is from the first batch as yours. Love the original brew burrs for pour overs and love the catching cup (its light weight and just the right size for aeropress and other drippers ).

At 1585 + shipping this is the cheapest high end grinder for pour overs that I could think of and I can't speak highly enough of it (I really enjoy the pour overs I get out of this baby way more than my previous Baratza Forté BG and Comandante MK3 C40) . I hope you get to fix this problem soon and start enjoying using this all black beauty.

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Has it always sound like that? Did it happen after using it? Have you tried taking out the bottom burr and making sure its installed properly? If you remove the bottom burr does it still make the same sound? It almost sounds like something is stuck under the burr or the carrier is rubbing.

I have been using mine without any issues and its rock solid and sounds nearly silent.


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Option O is the right step, none of us can fix this for you.

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I have sent to Option-o and I thank everyone for their responses.