Lagom P64 Flat (Option-O)

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#1: Post by TheWhiteYeti »

I was looking at the helor stance motor on option-os website and noticed the "Coming Soon" for the Lagom P64 Flat Burr Grinder. It appears to be a single dose grinder with adjustable RPM similar in design to monolith but keeping the asthetic of the HSM.

I haven't been able to find much more info on it and was hoping some HB members may be more in the loop.

More pics here:

It seems like it could be a promising single doser especially if the price is similar to the HSM.

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#2: Post by maxbmello »

Looks pretty slick, if not an obvious clone of the Monolith Flat. Would be interested to see what burr set they use, and what the price will be.

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#3: Post by truemagellen replying to maxbmello »

Yes I believe it looks more slick than the monolith. I'm curious what the P64 stands for and what Lagom stands for. If anyone has more info it would be greatly appreciated. Overall I'm disappointed in the lack of communication and marketing from this company.

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According to some translation software Lagom appears to be Swedish meaning.

Just right, gentle, mild, moderately, just enough.

Pictures altered from their website.
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Thanks Redbone, looks even better with the altered photos showing the form more clearly.

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#6: Post by sweaner »

Lagom apparently translates to "Just Right" in Swedish.

64 mm maybe?
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#7: Post by myso »

Ok, earlier when I saw this topic first, there was no info written in their website. So I guess they're following HB :lol:

Confirmed: Lagom refers to not too big burrs or not too small, but just right size.

64mm flat burrs, multiple burr geometries to come.
And a hint of SSP burrs (I presume).
Not too little. Not too much. Just the right amount.
Lagom is a Swedish word that means 'just the right amount', 'perfect-simple', or simply 'just right', all of which we think aptly describes our approach with the P64.

This is a single-dosing grinder that we started developing years ago in our quest to test the age-old debate of conical versus flat burrs. We found that most flat grinders on the market are either not designed for single-dosing or not with the precision engineering as demanded by lighter-roasted coffees. Hence after years of prototyping and testing, we have created our very own and are finally ready to bring it to the market.

WHY 64?
We are well aware there is a trend towards bigger burrs and as a result, the ever-increasing cost of high-end grinders. However, we believe that with the right design, smaller burrs can be refined to punch above its weight and delivers quality grind not dissimilar to bigger burrs, but at a fraction of the cost. Lagom P64 is a reflection of our belief and a result of refinement over the years.

Like all our grinders, Lagom P64 is made from industrial grade over-spec components that could easily last for decades of service. With small burrs comes a lower ownership cost and a more compact footprint. The cost from the extraneous materials required for making larger burrs grinders can instead be allocated into precision manufacturing and for using higher quality components.

In the future, we also plan to offer additional burrs options with different designs at affordable pricing, all this is made possible due to the smaller burrs size used in Lagom P64 - larger burrs will be significantly more costly and therefore is not feasible for this purpose.

Yet, this is a fine line to walk - using too small of burrs may yield unacceptably slow-grinding, and sub-optimal grinds. This particular burr size (64-65mm) has been used by a few high end grinder manufacturers in their grinders for use in the past World Barista Championships (WBC) and cafes. Hence, we think that 64mm is the just right, lagom, sweet spot for us.

We strongly believe that consumers should not be expected to perform any grinder alignment procedure, especially on a brand-new grinder out of the box. Hence, with the precision of CNC manufacturing technology and our unibody design, the alignment of each Lagom P64 is engineered into the design. There is no need to align the grinder and the alignment will be maintained even after years of service.

With this belief, we chose the best 64mm burrs we could find, and build the precision-made structural housing required to support the functionality of the burrs. This will allow the potential of each burrs to be drawn out and to shine without being handicapped by their alignment.

At launch, Lagom P64 will be offered with options of traditional espresso burrs (suitable for traditional espresso purists gravitating towards darker roasts) and/or unique brew-oriented precision burrs (suitable for medium or light roasts lovers), manufactured for us by one of the most renowned flat burrs manufacturers in the specialty coffee industry. Both burrs sets are capable of all brewing methods, including espresso, but they shine with different brew characteristics depending on the type of coffee that the user prefers.

Each burr set and critical components of Lagom P64 are CNC-machined to ensure the grinder as a whole will meet our expected quality standards. The cutter design and geometry of the brew-oriented burrs is especially inspired by bulk brew grinders which are known to produce unimodal grinds.

This means that Lagom P64 will not only grind for light-roasted espresso targeted for higher extraction yields compared to conventional burrs, but also provide grind quality that is suitable for brewing.

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#8: Post by truemagellen »

World class grinders with 64mm is technically true a decade ago. Things have changed though. Doesn't mean it won't be a great grind but it may go after the Niche Zero more than a monolith and will equal higher volumes and get the modern crowd who may be avoiding the niche retro feel.

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#9: Post by maxbmello »

If the price is similar to the niche and they have good availability I imagine it will be a hit, even with 64mm burrs

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#10: Post by triodelover »

Where did you find that it had variable RPM? Neither the Option-O nor the Helor site list that as a feature (yet).