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I need RDT on mine. The other day I spritzed, poured the beans in but then realised I'd forgotten to turn the Cremina back on. Oops. By the time the boiler pressure was up clearly the beans had dried out. I got grinds everywhere. Similar symptoms to when I've tried zero sprays. Even one spray is not enough for me. Two sprays is clean and neat in the portafilter basket. I probably have 2kg of beans through mine.

I'll have a MonoMAX next year to compare with.


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does anyone have the lagom in use with the lelit bianca and the brew burrs? i still have some problems and i still think i can't grind fine enough. It feels strange to pull a shot at 2bars (20 -> 50 /~25 sec).


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Me, My Lagom and the Cremina

Hello there, I've been reading this treat since some time now and wanted to share with you and other people that might be interested with my experience with the Lagom P64
I started my coffee journey a few years from now. I first read all possible reviews, threats on any kind of forums for maybe 2 years then jump in the coffee world when I found second hand a 2012 Olympia Cremina about 3-4 years ago now. I got a decent price on it and even though it was not cheap I'm still convinced today that it's worth every euro I invested in it. It makes me happy every morning when I turn it on and make myself a double espresso.

At the time I bought the Cremina, I was also seeking the market for a good grinder. There wasn't much option to match with the Olympia if you wanted something top quality, not too big on the bench and with a "decent" price. I decided then to buy myself a Kinu M47 which is a stunning manual grinder and since then was going from time to time on the forums to see if new electric grinders were coming on the market. To be fair, I liked the M47 so much that I was hopping Kinu would make an electrical grinder but they didn't. I still believe that the day Kinu makes an electric M68 for example; they will sell them like hot cakes.

Then came the Lagom P64 ! Whaw ! This was exactly what I was looking for: not too big on the bench (it is in the kitchen not in a bar !), top quality, advertising with high level of alignment precision, no retention, single doing, and a stunning design. What else ?
I let spend a few months (still waiting of an electrical Kinu :oops: ) then came the pre-orders and I decided to go for it. After a few months waiting, it arrived. It was super well packed, protected with foams, etc. It could have fall from the truck without breaking. I had no problem at all with the delivery (I live in europe).

Do I like it ? Does it make good coffee ?
Oh yes I like it and it does make excellent coffee. I don't care too much about comparing the grinders, etc. It is very silent, no retention, makes a super good coffee with the Cremina, is super easy to use (I have the black version with High-uniformity burrs) as when you change the dial you have immediate effect in the puck, it is super fun to play with it and the Cremina, is build like a tank, top quality, etc.
But more than anything else it has a "whaou" effect, something that puts a smile on your face every morning when you just wake up and will start a hard day. Just like the Cremina in fact.
My favorite grinds at the moments are from Cuba, I think it is medium roasted (don't really care).




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I just checked YouTube (again) and they're are a number of videos from 2 users Key lock and Thomas K (not sure if they are here)
LMWDP #640


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Pre-ordered in August and anxiously awaiting October delivery. Anyone see or hear of any updates on this batch. Haven't seen a "News" post on Option O since the Prima Coffee announcement. Last batch they gave updates when parts were coming in and when shipping was starting. Haven't seen any updates from them or Prima. Thanks in advance


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Just got an update from Prima coffee. Looks like there's a delay and they're not expecting shipments to the US until November. They're going to send out an email sometime next week. The wait continues...


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this is how it works everytime ;) be patient