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#631: Post by smite »

TenLayers wrote:To paraphrase and steal from Richard Thompson's "1952 Vincent Black Lightning"
Silver and Chrome, my favorite color scheme.
Very nice. Paul did you put something on your Lagom? It looks almost brushed versus the slightly matte finish seen in some of the other pictures posted by me and others.

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#632: Post by TenLayers »

Nothing. Straight outta the box.

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He's got good lighting in there lol


#634: Post by smite » replying to foam2 »

Magic lighting :D

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#635: Post by TenLayers »

Commercial studio photography is how I've made my money for the past 35 years but ain't nothing special here. Just ambient light.


#636: Post by smite »

TenLayers wrote:Commercial studio photography is how I've made my money for the 35 years but ain't nothing special here. Just ambient light.
Your skill definitely shows in those photos for sure. Very well done. I know this is not the right forum for this discussion but I struggle taking decent macro shots even with a tripod.


#637: Post by splashalot »

Ordered! Silver with SSP high uniformity espresso burrs. (Edit: AND the std espresso burrs as well!)

Special thanks to TenLayers whose brilliant photos cured my endless black-or-silver indecision.

Now that wait....

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#638: Post by TenLayers »

@ Splashalot.
You're going to love the grinder no matter which finish. The beauty lies in it's minimalism.


#639: Post by TigerStripes »

For those with the unimodal burrs - what settings are you finding work well for light and medium roast shots?

I've heard that 1:3, 25s, 6 or 9 bar is a common approach - similar to ek43 espresso.

Curious what you all are finding and having success with.

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#640: Post by SteveRhinehart » replying to TigerStripes »

Up front, to define how I think of my grind settings:

My burrs lock at 7.7 on the dial. I consider this a -2.3 for practical purposes, as I rarely grind below a 0 on the dial - so that 0 is my "practical" zero point.

I primarily buy lighter single origin coffees with the occasional light to med-light blend in the mix. I'm currently working through Black & White's The Classic and Eduardo Esteve coffees. For The Classic, I'm pulling shots at a +0.3 - +0.4, with an extended low flow preinfusion until about 5 grams hit the cup, then I kick it up to full flow for the duration. Shots take about 40-50 seconds because of the slow ramp up, but perhaps 25-30 from first drops. I'm getting rich dark chocolate with a bit of toffee and some subtle floral characteristics. It's a lovely comfort coffee. One note: B&W calls this a "medium dark," but the beans are still fairly light in color with a mottled surface, no visible oils, and no flavors I'd consider typical of a post-second crack coffee. You might call this a "third wave medium."

For the Eduardo Esteve, I'm in the rare position of grinding below zero, at about a -0.2. I pull it with a slow ramp up and ramp down in flow rate across about 45 seconds, which yields syrupy strawberry sweetness, a crisp raspberry acidity, very clear flavors, but a lower body (I'm also pulling long at about 19:50). This is about as close to EKspresso as I've bothered with up to now.

I have a Quick Mill dual boiler machine with a Quick Mill flow control valve, and my OPV is set to about 8 bars.