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I brought up customs first because I know that can be an issue. I'm Greek living in the US and most of my family lives in Greece. Every time we try and send something to family that's always a concern so we resort to having anyone who's going back home bring these items in their suitcases with them. I went on the Londinium site looking at a lever machine and they calculated duties and import fees on the site which I would pay for at the time of the sale. I don't know how this is set up on the option o website or if they charged for this already and this error means you will have to have more expenses to get the shipment from customs. Either way the customs thing is frustrating for sure if you've already paid for this.


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A few more words (and maybe some questions) about my Lagom (with SSP unimodal)

Initially I finished a medium roast (Quijote - Black Ape) I had the whole month while waiting for my unit, then opened 250g light roast espresso I had in the freezer but never used it because it was impossible to brew (and/or a pain to dial in with a hand grinder). While it was not the best espresso I have ever had, I managed to get something completely different than with my previous grinder.

Because I was still having difficulties, maybe partially related to the fact that I need to adapt to the new grinder, and me not knowing how light I am willing to go for espresso, I tried to use it with a dark roast. A new one I don't know (Quijote - Dantes Inferno). The idea was to see how much I am penalized with this grinder for darker roasts. I still have lots of beans, and I haven't tried it with my previous hand grinder yet, but it definitely did not taste bad with the Lagom. There is probably a difference in the awaited viscosity/mouthfeel, at least when I compare it with a few different dark beans I had before with my Helor 101, it still had more than enough crema to my taste.

That's where I wanted to talk about the flow. It's quite disturbing, because a fast flowing shot does not mean it will taste bad, and I'm still not used to it. Right now as I didn't want to play too much with the grind settings while switching beans, I was adjusting more by dose. I believe this grinder with these burrs can (will ?) benefit from updosing. I have the Cafelat Robot, so the basket is quite flexible, but I'm not sure how it would work with other machines with smaller baskets. Right now I have set the grinder at 0,4 (4 small marks) from the red sticker, which is 0,5 (maybe 0,6) from the burr rubbing point from zero with the seasoning going on (I initially put 2kg of cheap beans through it, it now has seen something like 2,3 - 2,5kg of beans). With this setting, I tried to go from 16 to 17,5-18g of coffee, and with a quite light/moderate tamping it could definitely not choke it. The thing is, it still tasted well and I could probably go finer if I wanted to, but I like the idea of staying a little bit further from the rubbing point to have more space for grind size adjustments. I am not sure if I should even aim for slowing the flow down that much or not. Whether I use preinfusion or not, this particular roast lead to for shots duration which were almost always equal to the coffee mass in the cup. Example, if I took 18g → 36g out, the total time was 36 sec, including preinfusion if I did one. And that is with low pressure on the robot (max 4 bars). Will the time may look normal to you, I would say that for the robot and my usual shots, it's a bit faster.

I ordered now 3x250g of different beans from a reputable roaster in germany (machhörndl) known for well roasted light roasts, and chose those who didn't sound too light from the description of the tasting notes, expecting something medium or medium-light.

If someone wants quite dark roasts and does not care about filter, I would advise to stay away from the SSP unimodal burrs, they are not making your life easier. I still have to try some V60 but I am too focused on espresso right now.

I have a friend who will bring his Commandante at home, we will do some (not blinded) side-by-side comparisons for espresso.

Otherwise this grinder is a joy to use, the workflow has made my espresso routine faster, more enjoyable, and still extremely quiet. I am trying different routines (and will probably chose the simplest option), and even grinding directly into the basket with RDT, little to no WDT, seemed to work well. The countertop is also much cleaner now.


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Espressoman007 wrote:...And Hayden didn't even mention that to me, even though he is aware of that issue!...
Hayden mentioned in the first confirmation e-mail with tracking number, that "We were also informed by our logistics company that there may be a slight change in the duty-prepaid protocol. So in case you receive any link or information about goods declaration or payment, please forward it to us and we will take care of the importation process accordingly." So they already had some info, that the things are not going as expected. On the other hand each country has it own customs regulations, e.g. our custom clearance requires to proove the value of the goods with bank or PayPal payment statement while in the other countries the customs can rely on goods value declaration (which is much much lower :) ). Some members of German coffee forum received their grinders w/o problems and some had to pay small tax/VAT due* (see continuation below).
Eklektik wrote:Please report beck when you get your grinder and if you had to pay any extra fees. This amount of fees would be a deal breaker for me as I'm also in a EU country.
foam2 wrote:... I don't know how this is set up on the option o website or if they charged for this already and this error means you will have to have more expenses to get the shipment from customs...
*If I was not clear enough: At the end there should not be any extra fees, because Hayden promised to reimburse all paid fees (VAT, tax and commission), but temporary yes. Those who had paid fees in Germany, were already reimbursed.
Hopefully my case is single one and all other EU buyers are more lucky and receive their grinders smoothly.


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Glad to hear


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A while ago I've read on HB about experience of one user who bought Monolith. He described his conversation with Denis Basaric who exchanged 80 emails with him! 80 emails!
Since I've ordered Lagom I've exchanged around 5 emails. I've never complained and I was never pushy. I was patiently waiting. If Basaric exchanged 80 emails with only one customer, so how can I accept that Hayden didn't have the time to send me a tracking number (that was a must).
Anyway, it's ridiculous that I haven't heard these information from Option-O before and that I had to read it here. I didn't have a clue what was going on and I'm very grateful for all your information.



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If you haven't received an e-mail with tracking number, I would guess the grinder hasn't been shipped yet.


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That's right. I got the notice last week for the final payment. I wrote to Hayden yesterday and he said they are getting a lot of mails because often there is something wrong with the shipping, so it seems it's DHL screwing it up. he said that my grinder will be shipped next week and i will have it the week after at the latest. I have to say that I only ordered after the orders were actually finished, I just wrote him if there are still any available.

i can't wait any longer! :shock:


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Finally, that's exactly why I was upset, I explained several times. Last time Hayden contacted me was before the weekend and he said that he will send Lagom on Monday and that he would send me a tracking number. Then he disappeared. I had no information whether the grinder was sent or not (for four days)! This thing is not cheap, I invested a lot of my budget for this grinder. But personal stuff don't matter whether I invested all of my money or whether I am a reach man, which I am not. This is business and you have to know priorities, you can't have excuses like he didn't have the time to send me confirmation that the grinder was sent. If he doesn't know how to deal with this unexpected situation that he found himself in, he could reach for help. He could come on forum and ask how to deal with things. He could be present, but obviously he is not.

Last time I bought a grinder was as well from someone who was just starting business. It was a manual grinder Malwani, and the situation was similar to this one (was not cheap at all). I was waiting a long time, and the bad thing is, the seller, manufacturer wasn't responsive at all. I just couldn't get any information from him, almost at all. And that's just a bad business!

Lagom is, as I can see at the moment, still in Hong Kong, and I am waiting it to move from there.
I don't like to repeat myself all over again, but all this information I found on forum I had no clue about it before. I am a bit disappointed, now even more because I haven't received from him any of this information that he gave to you!
Peter_SVK wrote:If you haven't received an e-mail with tracking number, I would guess the grinder hasn't been shipped yet.

You see "Peter_SVK" you said it if he didn't send the tracking number he probably didn't send the grinder either.
I won't write what DHL tracking is showing, but that information doesn't match to what Hayden wrote.



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Finally I got it an hour before! And Hayden refunded the fees promptly to original payment method (PayPal), only 20 minutes after I sent him DHL invoice and bill, so don't worry (everybody) about additional fees, if the customs clearance won't go smoothly.


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Espressoman007 wrote:... Last time Hayden contacted me was before the weekend and he said that he will send Lagom on Monday and that he would send me a tracking number ...
It's very likely from what I understood from the communication with Hayden, that they experienced the problems with shipments and are trying to sort that out looking for better service, hence the delays. I can just advice to be patient, I'm pretty sure you'll get it finally. Btw, I know, that I was the first one who has ordered and paid deposit for the grinder and didn't get it until today. :wink: