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Just a quick update regarding user experience:

My Lagom has been operational since Sunday of this week (now Wednesday) and while there was a bit of a curve in terms of getting it dialed in, I pulled 2 lovely shots today on my Lelit Bianca.

As was expected, my first few shots had lots of static, but with RDT I'm getting very little. I'm extremely happy with the taste in the cup - very balanced, delicious shots - and the lack of retention is incredible! And how about those incredibly fluffy grinds!?

I'm loving everything about this grinder, and get truly excited when it's time to make a coffee!
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Me too. Aside from the real reasons of a good grinder, I really look forward to every morning when I get to pour more beans in and operating it. From the looks to the operation, it is a very satisfying experience. The grinds make the coffee but the grinder makes making the coffee into a gestalt.


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I would like to ask a question regarding the last order of the Lagom P64. I've ordered on the first day the orders were opened, almost the same second. I expected to be in the first shipment and get the grinder among the first. It is obvious that this did not happen. As you are probably familiar with everything, due to reasons known to all, shipping date was rescheduled. I was not bothered by it and I was patient and did not impose myself or ask unnecessary questions. Hayden e-mailed a few times when he had some information and that was it. He recently announced that all the parts had arrived for the grinder and that shipping was expected soon and that I could pay the remaining amount. I did it right away. The order has been confirmed, I have received the payment confirmation and I have been waiting to be notified that the grinder is ready to ship. Again, I waited a little longer than I thought it would take.
Just when I wanted to contact Hayden and ask at what stage they were in, he answered and apologized for not being able to send the grinder by the weekend and that he would do so on Monday and send me a tracking number.
I was satisfied with that as well and it was not a problem for me as long as we communicate. I didn't get a tracking number on Monday, I didn't get it on Tuesday, I didn't get it until today (Thursday). I sent Hayden three emails regarding that and got no reply? Until now, he replied every time, when I had to pay, he answered politely every time.
In the meantime on HB I noticed that some of you have received the grinder back in late June? Other than not being put in the first shipment and I don't know why, now Hayden isn't replying at all. I'm honestly starting to worry a bit and I'm also a little disappointed with how things are going, since I've paid all the money.

Did anyone have a similar experience or is anyone currently in the same situation?
I would be grateful for some information.
I'm sorry, this probably doesn't beautify the whole picture and I would have much preferred to have reported with good news, but since Hayden hasn't replied me in almost a week, there's nothing left but to describe the case.

Cheers to all!


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I would say be patient - I know not very helpful. I set my alarm to try and be first in line when they opened orders and paid the expedited shipping. I am happy to get it and use it now for the last week and a half or so. I don't know again where everyone fell in line (myself included) but they will fulfill orders and I'm sure you will have yours soon providing there are no weird customs issues in the receiving country.


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To Espressoman007:
I received tracking number on June 29th, however tracking showed "Shipment information received" for ca. 1 week since June 27th with no progress, then it started to move and arrived to the customs in Slovakia on July 6th. Since you are also in EU, you can expect some problems with the custom clearance - Option-O (better say, the selling company in HK/China) used DAP/DTU (Duty and Tax Unpaid) delivery option instead of DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) - Hayden told me, that they "... opted for the DDP option with the shipping company but it looks like they may have processed this incorrectly (again). ... and we will look into a better option ...". My grinder is still in the customs since Monday. DHL asked me for all documents to represent me in customs clearance, including bank account statement of the payment (to proove real value) and registration in Slovak Financial Administration Register. They calculated customs due: VAT 20%: 356.88 EUR, Tax/duty: 38.41 EUR, DHL commission: 24 EUR, TOTAL: 419.29 EUR, which DHL asks from me. There is no way Option-O can sort that out (checked with Hayden), so Hayden promised to reimburse the fees.
If there are more such cases in EU or elsewhere, it's very likely that Hayden has not enough time to reply on e-mails other than delivery issues, but I appreciate we are still in touch, no problem (maybe sometimes a bit delayed due to +10 hrs time zone). So be patient ...


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Thanks a lot for the reply!

18 minutes after I posted the question on HB, I received an email from Hayden, to make a man think!

Dear "foam2", I just described my case and that I am very patient and accommodating all the time, as I noticed and you are now confirming, America is a priority market, so it was sent to America before to Croatia, from which I may have been the only one to order the grinder. And to be honest that doesn't bother me a bit!
But that's not the point, I didn't seem to be understood. I did not send a post with a question why Hayden did not reply to my mail, but because I was not sent a tracking number when it was said that it would be sent to me. That is a must and it doesn't take days rather seconds to inform! And after that he ignored my e-mails. With all due respect, it's business rather than friendly deal and that should have been a priority. If you sent me a grinder it is your duty to send me a notification that the grinder has been sent to me and that is all!

Another thing, I often shop online and I know what it means to be a professional, ie. when someone shows you gratitude and does not put you in second grade and does not ignore you, especially not when you paid everything, because then the thing is very sensitive.

I also know how to show gratitude to those who show respect and do their job professionally.
I don't know if it is allowed to advertise, so if someone is interested, I will gladly leave the address of the company from which I bought Lelit Bianca (seller from Poland)!

But I wouldn't like to discuss a lot about why and how. I was only interested in whether I was the only one in this situation or there were others who had not yet been sent a tracking number, but they were told that it would be sent.

Dear "Peter_SVK", thank you for a comprehensive description of your case. And I'm not at all happy with what you wrote. Now I can say in advance, if the same thing happens to me as it does to you, then it is another omission of Hayden because he had to inform everyone who paid the full amount for the import that the same will be charged again.
They could only redeem themselves by immediately sending a refund. But that remains to be seen.
"Peter_SVK" I wish you a happy solution of this issue and thank you once again for reporting!



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With a start up/young company there is not a lot of depth from a personnel standpoint until they have had some financial success and time to get their systems and support processes in place. I think this was their second or third release and I'm sure each one was a little better than the last. I don't have any affiliation with them, don't have a blog or social media platform, I'm a home coffee consumer just like you and this is the most expensive grinder I have purchased. If we were talking about a normal purchase from a retailer for inventory in stock then I think (with the exception of customs stuff) everything you said is valid. Of course you are a consumer paying hard earned money for a product so your concerns are understandable, and I'm not saying you're wrong, just have to see the whole process in context. For me I accepted when I ordered it was going to take some time waiting like a kid at Christmas and having it now for a short period of time it was worth the wait.


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Dear "foam2", I am 47 years young and I have a lot of experience, so I know very well how things stand. I do not put anyone on the pole of shame or condemn, as I have already repeated, so I will repeat again I just asked a question, which resulted in success, that is, Haydan contacted me after I posted on HB.
But you apparently did not read what "Peter_SVK" wrote, the matter is even more complicated (if it is valid for me as well, since I'm in EU), now we need to pay almost 500 Euros extra and what will happen if I don't have that amount???

And Hayden didn't even mention that to me, even though he is aware of that issue!



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Please report beck when you get your grinder and if you had to pay any extra fees. This amount of fees would be a deal breaker for me as I'm also in a EU country.


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I'm also in a EU country and waiting for my grinder. But even if we have to pay for customs, it seems that Hayden is going to reimburse the amount? That is my understanding.

My grinder hasn't shipped yet, so I'm hoping they will have sorted the issues with shipping by then. It's frustrating to have to deal with customs when we specifically opted for a duty prepaid delivery option.

Espressoman007 please keep us posted!