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foam2 wrote:The ceado is great, more chocolate/caramel notes. It produces very fluffy and clump free grinds. I single dose with mine and with a small bellows I get negligible retention.

Just got ups tracking and it is scheduled to deliver today. I paid for the expedited shipping but surprised it will be here today.
Fantastic! Exactly what I'm chasing, thanks. Looks like my plan B is a sound one.

Looking forward to your Lagom comparisons.


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splashalot wrote:If it helps, you're not alone. I sold my Niche Zero after four months as I couldn't get good tasting shots from it. Both my wife and I just did not like the conical burr flavours. At all. Hence I'm in this thread and eagerly awaiting the next round of Lagom P64s. Am going back to flat burrs, which I know we both like. I'll be going for either the std burrs or the SSP high uniformity espresso burrs for that rich, rounded flat burr flavour.
I think you are expecting a bit much here. The Niche is an exceptional grinder with a great, high quality commercial burr set. The difference in taste compared to the Lagom, if there is any for your specific palate, will probably not matter much if you "can't produce good tasting espresso at all" at the moment with that good of a grinder.


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I know what I like in the cup and the Niche definitely couldn't produce it. And I am plenty able to produce great shots, thanks. My point was that the Niche does not suit my flavour preferences. But I'm very confident that the Lagom will.


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valoben wrote:Not just rumours, it's on the Option-O news website:
"In July, we will have a limited amount of leftover Lagom P64 ready-stock from this round up for sales on our website - configuration available will be on first come first serve basis. So if somehow you have missed the pre-order, there is still a chance to get one later on. "
Where do you see this on their website?


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I'll be honest here and say I like both burr types a lot. I hadn't used the niche in awhile - let my wife take that one over for decaf and one day I decided to give it a try again and was really happy with the coffee. Really easy and repeatable to dial in between different beans, and beautiful extraction on a bottomless portafilter - almost too easy. Full disclosure I drink an iced latte almost exclusively so milk and sugar/Splenda and I don't drink espresso straight yet - who knows that may change but I can say I'm not a fan of coffee that strong so perhaps those details are lost on me but I know the niche is a great machine. The ceado is actually more finicky when dialing in a finer grind and that's what made me give the niche a try after a long break. To each their own, there's no best, just what tastes best to you.


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It's under news/April 19th.


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I just received mine today and will post basic unboxing pictures and some fit and finish initial thoughts.

Over the coming weeks I will be doing comparisons against a Sette 270, Compak K10, Caedo e6p and an aligned ek43.

For the Lagom I have both the base burrs and the newest SSP burrs which I will test.

I will probably do a 5kg break in for the SSPs once I put them in.

My tests will focus on espresso ranging from light to full city.


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Just received my unit this morning !

It's definitely too soon to give an accurate description of the taste of the coffee itself. I have the unimodal [edited] burrs.

I started with 1kg of cheap supermarket beans for seasoning. After less then 700g, the burr rub point shifted with a 0.3 offset. It was very easy to adjust RPM to the minimal setting (200 rpm) and listen to the burr rub while slowly adjusting the grind finer, it didn't feel dangerous to do so.

First try (at around -2,0) was a total gusher. At the third try I got something acceptable, but lacked texture / pulled too long. I was using beans which were maybe a little past the optimal time window, and already finicky with my previous grinder, so I decided to switch to a new dark roast for an easier dialing in session. This time the same last grind (under -1) choked the machine, so I will need to play with it a little bit more. I sadly had to go to work and will give it a few more tries tomorrow. I need to experiment more and adapt to my new gear before I get something really tasty.

One other comment : the grind is SO FLUFFY I'M GONNA DIE. In comparison to the Helor 101, the same dose with the same beans take much more space in the basket

It is a quite heavy chunk of metal, and looks bigger/more impressive than in the pictures. I appreciate the build quality and finish (silver). The portafilter fork lets me grind in the cafelat robot's basket directly. If I put the funnel below the basket, it places it even closer to the spout for a completely clean experience. They changed the spout design, I'm not sure I would have noticed if I didn't read it. Not sure why, maybe it's longer to avoid a mess with grinds spraying everywhere ?

It's very nice to have a proper WDT and RDT tool.

Let's talk about the sound, probably the second most impressive feature after its looks on the counter. I forgot to switch it off, because the kettle heating water for my robot was much louder. This will be very pleasant to my ears in the morning.

Overall the workflow is a pleasure, especially coming from a hand grinder with brew burrs.


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The spout was changed? When did that happen? Personally I am keeping to a lower rpm because it seems at higher rpm it comes out with such velocity that the grinds hit and bounce out (with the portafilter in place).


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Unboxing from this AM. If you find this helpful please give a thumbs up..

It was double boxed with plastic corner protection on both the inner and outer box for all 8 corners. With thick foam all around the parts. As seen here:



Here is everything that came with the grinder (espresso cups only included for size comparison):



Overall fit and finish are excellent. I have not cleaned or done anything beyond taking these items out of the box. Here are some shots from each side:




I did notice that the base is a different texture from the rest of the grinder and has a slightly brushed appearance as can be seen here:


There is a small 1MM in diameter spot on the brushed base towards the front of the grinder that you can see here. Its nothing major and I think it will rub off pretty easily. This is the only place any defect that I have found and it is minimal. Possibly the base was held in place by a tool that might have had some rust on it. I left the resolution of this file a bit higher so folks can zoom in if desired.


I also noticed a slight difference in the amount of space at the bottom of the grinder on the left side vs the right side. The difference is much less than a mm. Here is a comparison of the left and the right sides. I do not think this will impact function at all or if anyone else would even notice such a difference.





Tolerances everywhere else externally are about perfect to the naked eye





If anyone wants additional pictures let me know. I will do some basic bench testing later today and additional evaluation over the coming weeks.

Overall it feels very solid, heavy and well built. Testing will give a better sense of design and function. I will be testing on 3 possibly 4 different espresso machines including a DE, LM GS3 and an MCAL. If I can I may also try with a Synesso time permitting.
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