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I'm assuming this would be more suitable for espresso than brewed coffee? Been looking for a replacement for my old Vario w/ steel burrs (mainly for V60).

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The SSP burrs are the one or similar to mahlkonig ProM. They deliver a pretty uniform grind, similar to Mahlkonig Keyna, which is a godly grinder for filter/brew.

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tv79 wrote:I'm assuming this would be more suitable for espresso than brewed coffee? Been looking for a replacement for my old Vario w/ steel burrs (mainly for V60).
Based on the limited diameter of the adjustment mechanism and the espresso tight grind they are shooting for you might need to rotate it significantly to bring it into a V60 grind. This is purely speculation based on the video of them removing the funnel by a lengthy unscrewing on their youtube page here:

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My Monolith requires about 360* of rotation to get from espresso to drip, as does my HSM. I would guess this is similar.

This vid shows a pretty fluffy grind dispersion. Is there any type of declumping screen in there?


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i'm interested in this as a grinder for filter/v60 coffee and i usually stay on the fine side of v60. the emphasis on alignment and the ssp burrs make it appealing and it seems like they intentionally mention multiple times that this is meant to be more than just an espresso grinder.

these quotes aren't meant to simply regurgitate their own marketing but to demonstrate that it seems filter coffee wasn't an afterthought:

"Grind setting on Lagom P64 is stepless and features 0.5mm-pitch stainless steel threads, offering up to 3x finer grind adjustment and covering full grinding range from French Press to espresso"

"The SSP Red Speed Burrs are geared towards specialty light & medium roast for both espresso and filter brewing; the Standard Burrs offer the traditional flat burrs flavour profile for espresso."

"Grind characteristic: standard-Bimodal, ssp-Unimodal
Brew/filter suitability: standard-Moderate, ssp-Excellent
Espresso performance: standard-Excellent, ssp-Excellent"

"SSP Red Speed Burrs (coated): this is the burr set with geometry intended for high uniformity grind to draw the best out of lighter roasts. The burr geometry is inspired by Mahlkonig Kenia & Guatemala Lab bulk grinders - sometimes referred to as EK10 burrs. Even though they were originally designed for brew, these burrs are equally suitable for espresso especially with light or medium roasts as a result of their grind uniformity. The unimodal grind allows you to extract more from lighter roasts without over-extracting the fines.

In our experience the SSP brew flat burrs excel in highlighting the flavour clarity in lighter roast coffees, whether it is used in espresso or filter."


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There isn't even a name, address or phone number on the webpage? Is there any proof that this is an actual company?

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#47: Post by Denis »

Please stop, it's the same website and company that sells Hellor products (Hellor Stance Motor). Is that a fraud? no.


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Well if you're happy to hand out +$1500 to a website with no address, an actual person's name or any actual proof that such a company exists, then I won't stop you. :) The videos on youtube are posted by an account called "Customer Service", strangely. I think it looks very dodgy, regardless of what else they're selling.

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For what it's worth, when I did the Helor Stance Motor review, I did meet Brook, their engineer, from Helor which seems to be part of Option-O now. From my understanding, their manufacturing site is based in China but they have an operation center here in Melbourne. So from my personal experience there's at least one real person behind the company. :lol: From the way they do the marketing, they appear to know their stuff well and are using some technical jargons mostly only HBers know. I would be surprised they go all that effort for something that doesn't exist (more likely poor marketing :lol: ).

The product looks impressive and very promising for sure, particularly the claim around the burrs. Doesn't look like most of the burrs tooth design I've seen out there.


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here's an article where is seems like a real, live person from option-o was interviewed and gave quotes? ... 4-grinder/

i wonder if there's any way to confirm an australian-registered llc online? i know in the states, there are some .gov sites that list registration info