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Not yet, but if 0 doesn't cut it for a certain coffee I will. Already watched the videos and it doesn't look too hard. Just no reason to do it yet.

EDIT: just for funsies i adjusted the safety mechanism to allow me to go to -0.15ish and still no chirping sounds with the burr running. So I'll leave it there for now and if that still isn't fine enough I can recalibrate the zero point.

EDIT 2: I spoke too soon. I put a super light roast in and couldn't grind fine enough. Took off the lock and burr chirp was around -0.2. Got it recalibrated best I could and now burr chirp is just below 0 exactly where it hits the safety lock.
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So I cleaned up my P64 latest version with factory zero settings and just found out that you must tighten the screws that places the hopper securely on a relatively equal torque or you miss alignment. I accidentally tightened the right screw a bit more forceful where the provided allen wrench start to bend than the left and that caused it to touch burrs and chirp at zero. Then I loosened the screws and retighten it to just tight with but not trying to bend the provided allen wrench on both resolved the issue.

I wish Option-O can provide a torque value on both screws on the hopper to ensure perfect alignment


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had no idea about it! So how can we know then how much force we put on the same screw??


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I think a 1 to 2 N-m will do. What matters is the equal amount of torque to both screws. They should provide a clicking allen wrench to know that we have reached the optimum torque on the screws


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i suppose if we tighten it till it naturally stops , we will be fine.


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Agreed. The medium resistance when it stops is the key. I was accidentally over tightening it due to my habit of assembling furnitures


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Just a heads up to anyone waiting. Just got a shipping notification for my P64 order in the mid/late July batch.

Ordered black colour, mizen burrs and shipping to UK. Can't wait!


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Is it a better practice to have to grinder running before pouring the beans in?

I've seen videos on Option-O's website and it shows them pouring in the beans first and then running the grinder. Doesn't this have a greater chance of the grinder seizing?


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I don't think stalling is a problem with this grinder. I always pour the beans in first, and then start the grind. Never had a single stalling issue. So no worry's, and do whatever you prefer :D


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I've done both and never had an issue with stalling. But keep in mind when adjusting the grind size , the grinder should be running.