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manuscriptmaster wrote:My Mid-June dispatch grinder just shipped from Hong Kong! Estimated June 5 arrival, wooooow. Super stoked!

(Unimodal v.1 burrs)
That's annoying. I'm a may dispatch and nothing.. I guess I need to email them.

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It is not unusual for the "shipping notice" from Option-O to arrive after the grinder.

When I had a DHL package arrive from Asia, I was thinking "what is this?" I had already enjoyed several great shots from my Lagom Mini when the email announcing that it was shipping arrived.


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OO is shipping silvers at the moment. Black units are pending.


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You ordered a black one?
Mine (silver one) , had issue with PCB and i think the previous batch had some issues with Mizen.

My grinder was shipping on Monday 29/5.
The tracking number from OO sent me shows me an error note that they cant find any parcel number with that info. If i search it from , it shows this 26-05-2023 : 08:41 We are exchanging data internally Flemalle , BE and 26-05-2023 08:40 We are proceeding to standard checks Flemalle , BE. 26/5 and shipped was shipped on 29/5 ?

I know DPD from NZ , their tracking status is terrible.


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Just received mine (mid-June dispatch) today! Shipping was blazing fast.


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which country? black version?


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United States! Silver, SSP unimodal v1.

I made 6 Aeropresses this morning - they were all in the ballpark of what Option-O folks recommended for pourover (Ethiopian beans seem to be around 4.7-4.9, other beans around 4.8-5.0). I used James Hoffmann's recipe but with a 4:00 total brew time instead of 3:00. Still a lot of dialing in to do, but the brews are a touch cleaner than my trusty Comandante C40 Mk3, though definitely missing some body.

I'll post updates as I get to know the grinder, but so far the workflow/noise level/new dosing cups are absolutely delightful. I feel unworthy right now.


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First impressions after ~4 days:
- Design is absolutely stunning. This is basically kitchen furniture.
- Noise without beans is almost imperceptible. Noise with European light roast beans from Manhattan Coffee are medium loud but still far quieter than cheap burr grinders like the Cuisinart.
- Beans can get stuck if you pour all your beans in at once. I recommend pouring slowly, and if a bean or two gets stuck, use a twisty tie to push it through while motor is off.
- Patting the top several times does act as a mildly effective "bellows".
- Retention using RDT is very small (usually some flecks on start), but more than what a high quality grinder like the Comandante produces (almost none). It's a very very small amount, but certainly noticeable after years of handgrinding.
- Versa transfer cup is a huuuuge step up in usability from earlier cups and reminds me of the more expensive Weber magic tumbler. It's one of my favorite parts of the grinder, tbh.
- Metal-on-metal contact between aluminum transfer cup + aluminum forks drives me a little crazy, though not enough to attempt making something.
- SSP Unimodal v1 burrs produce a noticeably more distinct, sugary, and clean (e.g. fewer distractions) brews. Testing out with some Manhattan Coffees, I can say this is easily the best coffee I've ever made (or had at a coffee shop, even). Listed tasting notes like raspberry, grape, or berry compote are unmistakeable, juicy, and sparkling. The "hinge point" where flavor volume goes down and mouth tightness tight/astringency goes up is much easier to find.
- Adjustments are consistent when routinely going between different coffees with different settings.

TL;DR: as someone who has maxed out on the Comandante + Red Clix for a year or two FOR FILTER COFFEE, the Lagom has given me a new level of precision and a bump in flavor distinction that should have me crying.


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Glad you're enjoying it. I too have been making some very good APs with my Mizen equipped P64. Have you tried Jonathan Gagne's recipe ... -aeropress - I really enjoy the results.

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Trying to decide between the Lagom P64 with SSP HU or Mizen. My taste preference is medium roasts with chocolate or vanilla notes, sweetness and body at the expense of acidity and clarity. From reading most of the comments here it seems like HU is the safer choice, at least for espresso. I do like to drink pour over as well (about 50% of the time) - would the SSP HU be able to produce a similar profile for pour over. As I see it I'd have to compromise on body with the Mizen or get a separate grinder dedicated to filter which in a small kitchen is not my preference. Appreciate any advice from those who have used SSP HU for pour over which I realize is not its designated purpose.