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I have the same version and can confirm you can go below 0 ;)
- there is a calibration that you mention, it allows to adjust the chirp to zero, for example
- in addition, there is a plastic element that physically blocks turning the dial below 0; you find it if you remove the magnetic ring, it's held in place by a screw and can be removed in a couple of seconds

I removed the safety mechanism to be able to check the chirp and switch between HU and Mizen (zero calibrated to HU chirp, Mizen chirp is way finer at 4.5)


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I just placed an order for the Lagom P64 and I'm getting excited reading through this thread.

What should be my baseline grind setting for pourovers when I first begin trying to dial-in my coffee?

Also, anything I should watch out for or do when I first receive the P64? Thank you for your time.

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What burr set? Option-O has an easy reference guide on their website. I have the MP in mine and I am between 5.5-6 for v60 right now.
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Trick question since grind setting depends on dose!

For a 1cup brew I find 5.5 to be a good starting point. I have Mizen and have not found anything starting at 5.5 undrinkable though I may end up adjusting the balance between sweetness and acidity.


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Sorry, forgot to add. I'm getting the Mizen burr set.

Thank you for your time.


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Thank you! My pour overs dose at 20 grams.

Which RPM setting would you also recommend? Thanks again!


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Option-O's guidance for Mizen is between 5-6 grind size at RPM setting 3 for pourover.


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Thank you. Didn't even think about looking at their guide after placing the order.


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Finally early/mid May is dispatched!! How long it make take to arrive after the dispatch?
I have days off and i was planning to go on a vacation....


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My Mid-June dispatch grinder just shipped from Hong Kong! Estimated June 5 arrival, wooooow. Super stoked!

(Unimodal v.1 burrs)