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Mizen is good for filter too, I've not used my C40 since my Mizen P64 turned up.


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The waiting to get my new grinder (p64) is killing me....

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You'll love it :)
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I hope so mate! Can't lie I'm a bit affected from the comments about fast flowing and that they cant dial in , but i just cant wait to get this grinder :D Propably may/late May dispatch


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Hi all - just received my P64 last week. Have a quick question (issue?) and wanted to seek the guidance of the experienced masses:

I am having a very hard time adjusting the grind size from course to fine (i.e. going from v60 to espresso). There is meaningful resistance on the adjustment collar and the motor chirps as if the burrs are touching- I am assuming there are bean fragments stuck between the burrs.

I've tried exerting modest force while adjusting, both with motor on and off, and that doesn't seem to work - most recently my motor stalled out when trying this and I had to let it cool down for a minute before the unit would operate.

Any advice on how to adjust finer? Do I need to push beans through the burrs while making large adjustments? Does this seem atypical?

I would note Option-O addresses this issue in their guide but does not address how to solve it - see below. I hadn't dealt with this before with my Niche Zero.

Info from Option-O:

"Burrs 'rubbing' noise occurring before zero-point" When going from coarse to fine grind, you may occasionally hear burr rubbing noise occurring way before your zero point. This is due to coffee fragments that are 'stuck' between the burrs - and is not of actual burrs rub. This is normal and we suggest keeping the motor on while making finer adjustment. "

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You would adjust it while motor is running but you are not adding any beans to it. They mark the zero point, but in my case (and some other peoples case as well), the zero point has shifted before the marked zero point.

You can also take the assembly off clean it manually and go about it that way.

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There is no real solve for this. Super common question for new owners. It's grinds in the burrs and will never go away. And your p64 will come with some grinds there due to Lagom QA tests. It does not hurt the grinder. As mentioned, run the grinder while changing grind setting (it will still happen, its just better for the alignment if you do this).

Although for your education I suggest you do clean the grinder, then run the chirp test to verify zero. So you are sure where your zero actually is and what the chirp in that instance is.


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If StrowB1 just received his P64, then his would be part of the new version where they calibrate the grind setting to 0 and the adjustment is locked and cannot grind further than 0. You will not be able to chirp the burrs in this case unless you readjust the calibration. I just received my P64 late last month and my adjustment collar has this behavior.


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Alternatively, you can remove the safety mechanism that prevents turning below 0.

Switching adjustment between espresso and V60 is no problem with my P64 (turning the dial only with running motor but not adding beans).


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Thanks all, as fl13dl1c3 said, mine is pre-calibrated and can't go past zero.

I am running into this resistance when shifting finer from 5, and it happens immediately, so I don't think it's an issue of the calibration drifting.

All the feedback was helpful. I'll try to push a little harder while motor is running. If I'm still experiencing issues/ abnormal-seeming resistance, I'll film and share and engage Option-O.

Appreciate it.