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I'm not sure if this is interesting to anyone, but my order (Black EU, HU SSP) placed 28th of March just got updated as shipped. Now I will check the shipping status hourly until it arrives.


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same spec for me! placed order March 29th. Is your tracking ID even working? checking every hour (lol) but ID seems not valid (DPD shipping).


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Looks like they are catching up, and also I was told yesterday the option-o version of the cast burr will probably be here soon around late September to early October, and there seems to be a waiting list for that that you have to join in? But that's what I was told by the e-mail, so do let them know asap I guess.


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ckboon wrote:I just received my P64. It's so quiet without coffee beans when the motor is running. Not used to it.
Let's see how it sounds like when I'm grinding coffee beans in the morning.

Anyway, I am still setting it up like adding heat shrink tubings to the portafilter forks (didn't like the metal on metal sound).

Beware! The P64 lid that I bought from etsy (for the previous design) will NOT fit the new design! Luckily I have a spare walnut coaster that I modified for the DF64's lid:
This was the best mod for this grinder for me. I had issues with the portafilter vibrating out while grinding. Little heat shrink on the tubes fixed it for me.

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I've had my P64 from the beginning, first round of manufacture. Just a couple weeks ago, I took off the forks and am grinding while holding. I'm thinking that's the way to go, moving the portafilter around while it fills up. I mean what was I doing while the portafilter was in the forks? Just watching it as it distributed into a tall cone.


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I have just received the Lagom P64 (Ordered on 3rd March,2022) with SSP HU burr. The grinder came with calibration to zero nicely. I am able to pull 18g in 40 g out in 20-25 seconds in 0.9 -1.0 settings with my regular medium roast beans.

To my understanding if I change the burr set or after few kg of coffee beans the "zero" point may shift. In that case probably there's a way to re calibrate the "zero" point in the new version of the p64. Initially I thought I will be able to move the magnetic shroud to a new position, but it seems the shroud can be magnetically attached to a specific position only. At this point of time I am still not clear regarding the re calibration process. Please let me know if there is a video regarding this or anyone could do it successfully.


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Type-R wrote:same spec for me! placed order March 29th. Is your tracking ID even working? checking every hour (lol) but ID seems not valid (DPD shipping).
Mine is shipped via UPS and the status was updated a few days before I got the tracking.

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Newdent wrote:Interesting, thanks for the info. My order is for early December dispatch so who knows when I'll get it :D but I'll probably try and modify when it arrives.

You could probably snip the ends off of some 3d print needles and bend them over or drill some holes in the aluminium piece to accept the larger ends of the needles. There must be a way to not waste it anyway as I wouldn't use it in its stock form!
Good luck with that!


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Radio.YYZ wrote:I think it is sensitive, i think each 0.1 division, in between them, there is a big adjustment range. It would be hard to predict the exact measurement but i know from 2.1 to 2.2 it made a 8-12second difference in the shot! I am doing grind speed trials which also changes things in terms of time of the shot.
Do you reckon we need something like this?
This grind size indicator includes a vernier scale that allows for precise sub-tick adjustment on a stock DF64. Each gap in the vernier represents 1/10th of a stock tick mark. Easily and repeatably adjust down to the 1 micron resolution!

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that is nice, but i don't think we need it. The adjustment dial/assembly is stable and has weight to it so it stays in place and you can just nudge it. For those of us who are older, we probably all have reading glasses so that is something that is needed to get a good optical reading. heh.
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