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Mine has arrived! Ran quite some beans through it tonight and realised it's too late to pull a spro so it'll have to wait until tomorrow AM.

For lighter roasts what are people grinding at? I guess how many "lines" from churp?


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It's it the new design with calibratable 0 and requires an allen key to access the burrs?


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It is not unfortunately. It's the older model.


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Latest news from Option-o!

[Lagom P64 Update - August 2022]

Greetings and we hope everyone is doing well! We are aware that the current delay hasn't been pleasant but we're grateful that you've stuck with us. We hope the work & effort we've put in will be worth your wait!

We want to provide an update on where we are at the moment. We had received the Silver parts a little later than we expected per schedule, but on the bright side the end results are looking great! The Black anodised parts will also be received soon and we expect it should be smooth sailing from here based on what we see so far (Fingers crossed).

At the moment, we're taking a little more time than usual to test the new grinders - we just want to be extra cautious to make sure there's nothing untoward since this is considered a relatively important update for us, instead of rushing them out the door. This is also especially critical (in our mind) as we want the best out of the box experience for you especially after the long wait.

We also would like to take this opportunity to share some sneak peeks of the process in our workshop - especially for those who are curious about the update. Enjoy!


Partially installed (you can see the magnets visible here - a magnetically attached shroud will go on top of this - as seen in the next photo):

Fully assembled:

As promised, the aesthetic of the grinder has not been changed and most of the updates are under the hood (and we believe for the better).

The other question/concern we frequently get is regarding the new grinder assembly/disassembly process. To demonstrate that (much harder to describe in words), we've shot a short video below.
In short, we're extremely happy with how it turned out. Compared to the previous design, disassembly on the new design is actually a little quicker to perform - as there's no need to undo the threaded collar all the way (as needed in the original design). It is also a little more straightforward to reinstall correctly (with the guided tabbed slots). Unlike in other conventional grinder designs, there is no need to undo the screws all the way to disassemble the grinder (which is probably what most envisioned/concerned about initially based on the description in our previous email). So this design in our opinion helped make the entire process a little easier and quicker.

Based on our initial tests, the new grinders also have a smoother bean feeding and have a little less static without RDT (a slight/marginal improvement over the previously already great grinder/platform). All in all, we think this is a worthwhile update and it is very encouraging!

So this is where we're at - we do need a little more time to make sure everything is in place. But we are pretty stoked about it and can't wait to get these out in the hands of our users (won't be too long).

Thank you once again and we really look forward to delivering your Lagom P64!

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Thanks for re-posting. I had to walk over to mine to compare and understand the difference. At least from the photos and video there are no clear negatives I can see with this new design. I personally like the feel of precision machined threads on the outer collar of the prior designs, but sure, the overall look is maintained I think. So underneath those top pieces you still have the upper burr carrier floating on top of the lower burr carrier, and then you place an upper ring over that, tighten it down with a few fasteners, then place a magnetic collar over it to complete the look?


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All looking good from my point of view. Only question I have is whether its still on track for the rough dates in the first update about the changes.


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Pulled a first shot today. Wow clarity. It was a Natural Tabi from El Pedregal. That said a bit too much forward acidity. And not much texture. It is good to have another grinder to compare and reference as the Bentwood gives far more texture and balance. You can even see and feel it in the grounds. Bentwood is much fluffier.

That said if you want clarity I now understand what people are talking about with the P64. Far clearer than my DF64 with HU SSP burrs.

PS yes the Bentwood is huge lol.

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toomuchcoffee wrote:Mine has arrived! Ran quite some beans through it tonight and realised it's too late to pull a spro so it'll have to wait until tomorrow AM.

For lighter roasts what are people grinding at? I guess how many "lines" from churp?
Light roast here, my zero has shifted from 1.2 to 1.1, i am grinding around 2.1 - 2.2 and doing 1:2 ratio.
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Thanks for that. I was roughly the same at about ten lines from zero. Could have gone a bit finer.

Is adjustment sensitive? Like is one line the same as a certain distance? 10 micron for eg?

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I think it is sensitive, i think each 0.1 division, in between them, there is a big adjustment range. It would be hard to predict the exact measurement but i know from 2.1 to 2.2 it made a 8-12second difference in the shot! I am doing grind speed trials which also changes things in terms of time of the shot.
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