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Thanks entreri,

that sounds great.

For me, the p64 is a big investment, but like my handgrinder, i think this one will supply me with great grind quality for the next decade.

Can't wait to receive it!

Do you use cheap coffee beans from the supermarket to season the burrs or cheap entry roasts from superior roasters?

I don't like the idea of putting kilos of dark, oily beans into my new grinder i'm dedicating to bright/medium roasts..


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Entreri wrote:I believe the statements you are referring to are based on the previous multipurpose, that are now called "brew". With the new MP burrs I will completely choke my machine long before zero point on my P64, so I do not think you need to worry :)
Just for clarity, the MP burrs are the only ones to ever be called MP. There's the original Unimodal (now Unimodal V1 or Brew) and the new Unimodal (Unimodal V2 or Multi Purpose)


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I've read through the last 50 pages and searched different keywords but couldn't find anything about the confusion im having so appologies if this has been disscussed.

I'm quite confused now, after watching Hoffman's P64 review he mentions if esspresso is your main drink then he recommends the high uniformity burrs and on the Lagom ordering page the Unimodal option mentions esspresso while the high uniformity doesn't.

Could anyone shed any light on this. Completely understand it ultimately comes down to preferences but speaking generally what would the consensus be?


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That's because the 2x Unimodal options have one that makes espresso possible (V2), and one that you can't do espresso with (V1). So they're making sure you choose the correct Unimodal since they're named so similarly. The HU & standard burrs are designed for normal espresso.


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Brian Quan covers it here:
I have the HUs in now and love them for espresso.


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This shows where they sit on the Body - Clarity spectrum


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As I mentioned earlier here, I have very good espresso results with the unimodal v2 - Multipurpose, and can easily grind fine enough to completely choke my espresso machine :)


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Hello there,

New in town. Been looking at all kinds of info on this forum trying to get educated enough to make some reasonable purchases towards having a solid first go at espresso making with my wife.

One of the main things that the research has told me was to not forget about the importance of the grinder in the purchasing equation. We've purchased what I believe to be a pretty reasonable espresso machine in a Rancilio Silvia Pro X. I hope? ;-0

As of late I have been putting a lot of time into trying to arrive at a grinder. All things considered (i.e.: quality, workflow, size/space, a look that makes the wife happy, etc.), this P64 grinder is one that keeps coming back around on my list. I feel that it is a top contender, and that it checks a lot of the boxes we are looking for.

I was hoping that someone could possibly clearly address this "alignment hiccup" experienced with this product? I have seen it talked about here in this long thread at various different points. To be completely honest, I'm not sure I fully understand the issue. Could someone summarize accurately what the specific issue, or issues, is/are? Is it something with the burrs only? Is it something with the machine itself? Both?

Most importantly, is the issue completely resolved? Could I expect that any current in stock units that I might find would not have the problem(s)? Given the reasonably high price of the unit I was hoping to get clarity on things, avoid a potential headache, etc...

Thanks very much for any help that can be provided on this topic. I very much appreciate it, and I look forward to conversing with you all moving forward.



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I believe the issue was entirely with the SSP burrs at the time. The grinders were well within soec from the factory and when people put the Italmill burrs in it was fine. Newer SSP burrs are back within spec.


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I went looking to buy an Lagom 64 and saw that Prima is their sole distributor, and that they slapped a big price increase on it. It's too bad, I guess I'll have to consider my options. It's now expensive enough to say "well, maybe I'll just save the difference for an EG1" or something. Not that I would personally, but maybe? The price now is enough to consider going for something more expensive or just drop the idea of a higher end flat burr entirely ><