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#1551: Post by Jimjam168 »

Chencheh wrote:OMK peak has the same burr as the lab sweet, quite highlights the sweetness and body.
Thanks Chencheh- I updated my post, I am using deionized and remineralized filtered water, starting from reasonable tap. I don't believe the water would be the issue, but without diving even deeper into the water game I'm not entirely sure.

For those with experience- Would the lab sweet be literally 2, 3x sweeter with more flavor definition than my HU burrs on the Lagom?

If so, is there a set that would suit the P64?

If not, are there other variables I should explore tweaking?


#1552: Post by Jonk »

Jimjam168 wrote:If so, is there a set that would suit the P64?
Early 2022 there will be: Lagom P64 Flat (Option-O)

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#1553: Post by Jeff »

Reality check - why does "cast" magically make them perform like Lab Sweet burrs?


#1554: Post by Jonk »

That is the assumption that's yet to be proven of course. I'm just rooting for that it'll be a good alternative.

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#1555: Post by SteveRhinehart »

Jeff wrote:Reality check - why does "cast" magically make them perform like Lab Sweet burrs?
It does not - but Hayden has said on the EAF Discord that emulating the Lab Sweet burrs is the goal for these.
Hayden | Option-O wrote:I will be upfront (most burr aficionados would know it anyway from a glance 10 feet away it's on our IG), the Lab Sweet burr is exactly what we're trying to emulate. Don't think this has been done before - we're trying to see if we can scale down burrs design and emulate any taste profile with a drastically different burr size. It's quite promising (based on early tests) but there're still some aspects we're refining.


#1556: Post by nxmehta »

Is this grinder going to be purchasable in the US any time soon again? I've been on Prima's waitlist for a while (months?) and have never gotten any emails about it being on sale.


#1557: Post by Starspawn2318 »

I asked Prima and they told me they expected 100 units to become available in the next few weeks. I imagine they will go super quick so I'm not hopeful on picking one up anytime soon.


#1558: Post by mralecthomas »

Lagom P64 is back in stock at Prima for anyone interested.

Price has increased substantially ($300+). Their email stated that it was due to increased costs.


#1559: Post by SeattleCoffeeNerd »

Unfortunately, Prima only has the standard burr option. Seems a bit shady how Prima knows they have exclusive rights for the US and slap a $700 markup (almost 50%). Wondering if there are any other options for US buyers out there?


#1560: Post by Feca »

That's too bad. I would have jumped on this at the original price. At $2175 I can't justify it for a 64mm flat. This is for my personal, subjective value for the $, I'm sure it still checks many other folks boxes even at the higher price.