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#1531: Post by iploya »

ShotClock wrote:Do you know if there is an enormous wait at the moment?
Prima (the exclusive US distributor) told me there were ~1000 people on the waiting list for US orders.

I found someone on the forum who has a custom overlay to correct the numbering on the grind dial.

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#1532: Post by buckersss »

mmntip wrote:They're cast, then machined for the burr edges. If you look at the center ring you still see the less accurate casting finish.

I suspect these to be closer to conicals, looking at the lab sweet burrs as a reference? Anyone here with experience with this type of burr who can chip in on this?
Any Ditting Lab Sweet owners want to test all the burrs? Pics of 4 burr sets

stay tuned here!


#1533: Post by ZombiEE »

Hi, just received this grinder a few days ago, immediately swap the burr to HU burr which I seasoned in DF64 (lost track of how many kgs I put through, but I am sure it is under 5 kgs).

Mine is silver color with unimodal v1 burr (don't know how it differ from regular unimodal?).
Weirdly the sticker on the box says HU burr, manual is also in Chinese.

Ordered this grinder from May via Malaysia dealer, only to receive it at end of October with a few backlog as per the dealer said. I didn't expect it to take this long. I did think of getting either Monolith or Levercraft and decided to go with Lagom instead because of previous experiences with the dealer.

My touching point is at about number 1 with HU burr. Right now I am brewing with 11 clicks from touching point 1:2 ratio in 27s with 18gram dry dose, I suppose this is within a good range. I did not align or do marker test any of the burr due to lack of expertise, just install and go with it.

I can confirm recent batch has sort out the numbering issue.

My initial impressions are:

This grinder built quality is very good, machining tolerance is certainly very tight, it was hard to remove lower burr when compared to DF64, and it is very quiet. Turning the thread of upper parts was buttery smooth and easy.

Anodized aluminium finish is blemished just a bit here and there which is no big deal.

Right now I am still struggling to adjust my workflow with this grinder, the catch cup is too heavy for my liking and the bean funnel is a tad small which made me spill some beans when loading it quick (I was hot grinding).
When grinding directly into portafilter, it piles to the right a bit.
A couple of palm tap at the end of grinding session is sufficient to get the remaining coffee out. (I can feel some air coming through the funnel).

I always RDT before grinding and due to high humidity in Indonesia static is non issue.
Ground coffee coming out from this grinder is fluffy, retention is as promised within 0.1 gram, no more of it.

Finally I get to feel what a good boutique grinder feels like, I can only imagine grinders like Monolith for instance would feel much more better.

I am planning to use the brew burr in DF64 and operates Lagom for espresso, should proceed with this scheme or the other way around? Any suggestions are welcome. I drink 2 cups of espresso at the morning and a pour over at noon.

Took a couple of pictures of this grinder.


On the side note, my WDT tools came bent, I suspect it was because of custom clearence, they open up the box.

Sorry for my bad English and long post.


#1534: Post by Jonk »

Unimodal v1 is Option-O's new labeling of the original unimodal a.k.a brew burrs.. And then the modified multi-purpose burrs are called unimodal / unimodal espresso. Just adding to the confusion..


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I don't know if it has already been mentioned in this thread but they have altered the design of the catch cup that comes with grinder so that you can now put it directly onto your portafilter if you want to use that workflow. I got mine at the start of October so I'm not sure wen they made that change.


#1536: Post by ZombiEE »

@jonk: i am not sure mine is unimodal v1 or multipurpose at this point. However, I ordered unimodal v1.

@cortado125: yes it does fit, but the catch cup just feels too heavy for me, pesonal opinion though. I think my tiamo catch cup is far better suits me, perhaps I am not used Lagom's catch cup.


#1537: Post by Jonk »

From the pictures it sure looks like unimodal v1 / brew burrs with no flat surfaces by the outer rim.


#1538: Post by ZombiEE »

Then all is alright.. thanks for the info Jonk.


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from 11:08 in youtube film.
The latest version of P64.
There are rolling bearings on the top.


#1540: Post by ZombiEE »

Yeah, I can confirm mine has that bearing.