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Entreri wrote:So you expect these burrs to sit somewhere between the SSP HU and SSP MP-burrs with respect to grind distribution? Sounds quite interesting..
Yes I would expect it to sit somewhere between the HU (improved traditional espresso burrs) and Unimodal/Multi (64 version of 98mm HU burrs)

I really wished SSP would clean up their naming.


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Haha me too, except I bought my lab sweet burrs a couple of months ago. They're expensive in Australia hey!

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Guys I apologize to hijack this thread.

I have been trying to order the Option-o P100 with no burrs options.

I've seen a couple post of the guys who did this successfully and I would like to know where can I make an order like them.

I've messaged Hayden and the the option-o official website but I have yet to receive a quotation.

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If you don't get the answer you're looking for on the P100, consider posting a WTB in the Buy/Sell page. No promises, but I've had very good luck with that the few times I've used it (most recently, to get the P64).

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I doubt you will be able to buy any p100- with or without burrs - in the next couple of months. I am One of many who are waiting for their p100 from the 8/29 order. Many of the silver grinders had anodization issues and were Sent back to be refinished in China. We received information that the delays are somewhat extensive bc Of the power crisis in China

Lagom has 98mm burrs for these grinders.

When Hayden will open up orders for the next production line is not known and I would not depend on any guesses on dates that you may receive


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Just got a P64 from the latest batch, and installed SSP HU burrs + did a quick alignment (stock was very good, just had to do half a rotation more of one screw). Came from the Kinu m47; happy to answer any questions via anecdotal experience...

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Is the numbering in the adjustment ring still reversed compared with the conventional way?

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Thanks, good to know. Do you know if there is an enormous wait at the moment? I'm interested in trying a nice flat burr grinder, but not sure if i want to go all the way to a monolith or eg1.


#1530: Post by heytchap » replying to ShotClock »

If you're in the US, you have to order from Prima. I'm not sure about backlogs, but don't go based on Option-O's site - their inventory will be different from Primas.

You can email Hayden and ask though.