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#1401: Post by North16 »

I got a new set of high uniformity ssp burrs from Prima and installed them in the Option O. It was from an earlier batch of SSP burrs. They look a little different from the new set.

Totally fixed my problem with not being able to grind fine enough and getting horrible channeling. So I think at least for my unit, the burr switch out solved my problem with grinding so close to zero.

As for the declumping screen and grinding to the right side of my portafilter, it's really not that big of a deal. But I wonder about it...


#1402: Post by Eiern »

North16 wrote:What did the old declumper screen look like?
Just two larger holes.

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#1403: Post by North16 »

Wow! Very different. Much simpler! This new thing seems to retain grinds a bit. I wonder why they moved away from the two big holes model.

A couple days with the new HU burr set and all is well. I bet once they get seasoned it will be even better. Really seems the issue was the new SSP HU burr batch didn't work well with the unit.


#1404: Post by mdreuben »

I'm still trying to determine if my grinder with the HU burrs is part of affected units. It was ordered in January and delivered in May.

What is the best way for me to determine if I have a problem or not?


#1405: Post by graphidz »

Eiern wrote:Just two larger holes.
This declumper actually worked surprisingly well. Even better and cleaner with RDT. The new wire ones just... No. It's messy, RDT doesn't work and for some reason it comes out on the right side so need to pause grinding to not spill out. The funnel helps a bit but ideally you'd want them come out center.

Seems recent units are okay. I noticed they changed to put a bearing in the center of the upper burr carrier. I guess to make grind adjustment smoother, not that it was an issue before. Just unnecessary imo as now you'd need to make sure that is clean and flat in case it affects anything.


#1406: Post by Eiern »

Yes it worked well, I had fluffy non clumpy grinds and the pile was mostly centered, don't know why they would change it.


#1407: Post by Jackiedaytona »

I think like a few folks here I had been dead set on the P64 as an endgame grinder, but the latest testimonials here has made me unsure. Is it worth waiting to see if Option O changes course or is it time to look at something else? I'm looking for a compact (limited counter space) single dose flat burr grinder for mostly V60s. I've gone through modding/tweaking phases with various grinders and I am at the point where I'm looking for something low maintenance.

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#1408: Post by North16 »

Eiern wrote:Just two larger holes.
Does this declumper "screen" unscrew with the hexagonal screws? I'm wondering if I could order the old version you have and swap them out.

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#1409: Post by coffeemerchant »

ActionMike wrote:image
The declumper screen sits at the burrs chamber exit. You can acccess it by undoing the three hex screws. I cleaned it thoroughly and checked for any deformation. Option O confirmed that it looked intact. The problem persists though...

[edit: The picture was taken before cleaning]
Do the grounds pass through that weird pattern on its way to the chute? If so, I can't imagine that staying clog-free for long...
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#1410: Post by Eiern »

North16 wrote:Does this declumper "screen" unscrew with the hexagonal screws? I'm wondering if I could order the old version you have and swap them out.
If I remember correctly two screws holds this whole piece and the middle screw holds the chute to it.