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#511: Post by HoyaZot »

Has anyone in the US received their mid-October shipment of the P100, yet, or at least heard that it shipped? Relatedly, any duties in the US? Still waiting to hear on my order status.


#512: Post by geared2play replying to HoyaZot »

Nope. No words from option-o what so ever about the mid-Oct shipment. Technically, it is still Mid-October now but I would shoot them an email in a few days. I am not in a rush but some info along the way would be nice.

Update 10/20: Just received email from OO with DHL tracking.


#513: Post by asamimasa »

I received my Oct delivery silver w/SSP Brew swap yesterday. Shipped 10/15, and I received a tracking text from DHL and the OO dispatch email w/tracking came two days later. It came with the old catch cup, not the new bell doser that is expected to ship for Nov delivery onwards.


#514: Post by mtbizzle »

I have noticed that the RPM dial on my (new) p100 does not increase noise level from the grinder when the dial is increased past 5. This is with beans loaded or without. Any ideas what might cause this?
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#515: Post by skink91 »

I placed a pre-order with option-O for a P100 (January lot)... anyone know approximately what should I expect the duty fees to be?