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#451: Post by Fizzurb »

I was grinding very fine around .3 and speed 7


#452: Post by level3ninja »

Oof that'll do it. I thought the manual said not to grind too fine for a while. Espresso is way coarser than that isn't it? My guess is you've fried the main power board (not that it should be possible, poor design), OO should send you a replacement.


#453: Post by Fizzurb »

To be honest I know very little about seasoning burrs, I don't see where in the manual it says not to but I understand it could be entirely my error. I will reach out to them, thanks for the advice


#454: Post by zacho »

Got in on the latest batch or pre-orders. Going from a Kinu M47 to this. I can't wait!


#455: Post by Godzlittlesoldier »

Anybody have brew burrs in the p100? I'm grinding at setting 8 (at the lowest speed setting) for a kalita wave and am scared my grinder isn't aligned well or something because I am on the higher end of the recommended grind setting. Thanks!


#456: Post by zefkir » replying to Godzlittlesoldier »

There is no reasonable amount of misalignment that would make a difference with a burr gap at brewing range. Rather, I would ask what makes you brew at 8 rather than say 7 or 6 or even 4?


#457: Post by Godzlittlesoldier » replying to zefkir »

I taste more astringency and lose a lot of clarity below grind setting 8ish.


#458: Post by zefkir »

Are your burrs seasoned? I found that 4 kg totally changes how they taste.


#459: Post by Godzlittlesoldier »

They're probably 2kg in! Will have to wait! I thought seasoning burrs only increases the grind setting?


#460: Post by Eiern » replying to Godzlittlesoldier »

My Brew burrs didn't get really good until probably closer to the 10 kilo mark. I think I seasoned them with about 6 kilos the day I got them and did find my brews a bit weak with astringency and bitterness at first, and wasn't properly thrilled with the results even though they showed signs of being good. After a while they relaxed and opened up and I don't have astringency or bitterness unless I do bad stuff causing micro channeling.

Now they just deliver really nice brews, as long as the beans are really nice of course. And they extract well, so I don't really have to force or push things much. I do mostly Kono brews with them if the beans are high quality, and then V60 and the occational Kalita.