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#441: Post by RedBarchetta »

Well I got a nice surprise in the mail today, July P100 was delivered!!

Time to re-read this thread!!


#442: Post by RedBarchetta »

For anyone using the P100 for espresso and pourover does this sound right for grind setting? I'm closing down until I hear a chirp and click a few over to when it stops chirping and them move the 0 to that point. My espresso settings are right around 1.8 to 2 so far. Starting to look at pour over settings and I'm around 9 or so. Does that sound about right?

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#443: Post by SteveRhinehart »

Espresso lines up well with most P100 users I know. For filter 9 is much coarser than I aim for but that just depends on recipe and coffees used. For a single cup 16 gram Wave 185 I target around a 6 or 7.


#444: Post by zefkir »

What coffee are you pulling with? That would line up with darker roasts I think. With lighter roasts, I grind much finer.


#445: Post by RedBarchetta » replying to zefkir »

that was PT's Flying Monkey.


#446: Post by zefkir » replying to RedBarchetta »

This seems a bit coarse for a medium. But I really wouldn't be worried about it, if it's unseasoned, then it will probably shift towards finer. If it is already seasoned, then, coarser is usually a sign for excellent alignment


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Is the anti popcorn disk necessary? Most annoying part of the workflow for me is that a few beans always seem to get stuck on it and I have to flick the beans off with my finger. I was thinking about removing the disk from the hopper.


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Maybe you can bend it a little for a more steep angle?


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I might've messed up my grinder. After doing some research online, I decided to try seasoning my new p100 with some old beans I had around. I had ground about 15 ounces of beans when the grinder just shut off. Several hours have passed since and it still will not turn on. I've even opened it up and cleaned out all the stuck grounds to no luck.

In hindsight, I was probably grinding too fast. I went through 15 ounces in about 5 minutes, but I am still surprised if this created a serious problem!

Any help would be appreciated!


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The fact it won't turn on isn't good. You should contact Option-O.
The only time I've heard of that happening is when the grinder got clogged. Were you grinding at setting 3.0 or more, and speed 9?