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heytchap wrote:I have both. SSP LS in the P64 and HU in the P100. I find them very complementary. I've read opinions that the LS clone is closer to the 64 MP but from all my experimenting, they seen much closer to 64 HU with a nice mouthfeel and lovely taste.

I use the P64 for espresso and the P100 for everything else.
sorry since im asking about 64mm, but do you find ssp ls in p64 with brew to have tendency getting bitter aftertaste? i felt my df64 have that. just asking for your experience.

lagom workflow interests me, but im not sure going to another 64mm is much of an upgrade..


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I haven't noticed that. I've had immensely bitter and astringent cups when trying to dial, but that's usually been the worst of it. I'll play around with brews some more over the coming weeks and get back to you.


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thanks, appreciate that. dont need to try too hard though, i read in ssp 64 lab sweet thread some members also encounterrd similar bitterness and it goes away after seasoning so im gonna do that instead, and also try shorter ratios.

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Almost has to affect the P100s, same problems as the 64. I expect my P100 will be pushed back to Sept or Oct if not later from July.


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I asked by email and they stated the changes would not apply to the P100.


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My late may dispatch was sent 6. June. So it dosnt seem as it got the same problems. Very excited!


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Does anyone have an idea of when the next pre-order batch is?


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I had emailed them and they said most likely sometime in August.


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Hi guys. How many ticks do your P100 go from lock point to barely touchING? Mine is ~4-5 small ticks if you really tighten to find the lock point, so I think that's around ~40um. But the brew burr set is not fine enough to grind for espresso can only do turbo at best, unfortunately. I did a marker test at the lowest speed and the bottom burr wasn't a clean wipe, more like 30-40% wiped and I can hear clearly the chirp is correlated to rpm, so one section of the burr is higher, but at speed 3-4 bottom burr is fully wiped. Not sure if should be concerned. Any insight or you think this is ok?

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Question for the P100 owners- how much of a difference do you see between the P100 and the P64?
Is the main advantage only with lighter roasts?