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Rice Bowl wrote:I don't want to derail the thread as this isn't the main topic of discussion, but I just wanted to say that RDT is not a necessary step as an MC4 owner.
Perhaps more directly addressing the point of this thread, if not the poster's MC4 comment: I've found that RDT is also not necessary on my Monolith MAX.


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Hi everyone,

I have just been lurking so far. Usually I am to be found in a german coffee forum, but I start to really cherish some other opinions. I am looking for a new grinder and I got attracted to the Lagom models.
I really like the design and the workflow. I am still confused, however, about which burr size and variant to pick.
I am progressing towards lighter roasts and would really like to push forward there. However, I am not alone and I am only allowed to have one electric grinder ;)
So I need something that is suitable for dark (20% of the time), medium (50%) and light (30%) roasts to suit my wife and myself. I was close to picking the P100, but reading all I could made me doubt again. I usually get geeky with some topics and tend to max out the equipment as far as possible. But in this case, I am unsure.
I understand the 98mm HU burrs are quite different to the 64mm ones. And it seems workflow really changes due to the other grinding characteristics (faster extraction, shorter shot times). So: Would it be a bad idea to go for 98mm burrs? My wife is ok with buying a SD grinder, if I pre-weigh the coffee. But if the 2shot characteristics" change a lot and dark roasts don't really go well, we might get into trouble ;)

Any advice on that would be much appreciated.


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I guess there is no 1 for all grinder and I understand your trouble. Would a handgrinder as a second one be okay? That's the setup another fellow (kaffee-netz) user uses for the dark roasts. The only two grinders I have read(!) that are quite good with most roasts are the Lab Sweet and the Bentwood. Even though they might have some problems with filter light roasts for espresso. But this is all (sorry for using a german expression): hören sagen. Those are just tips from reading stuff I have no experience with any of the grinders, so I am sorry to be just able to help with stuff I read.


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Thank you! This is the reason why I currently own a Commandante hand grinder (now mostly for lighter roasts). I would be happy enough with a grinder that has great results with medium and light roasts and acceptable results with dark ones. Some guys over at kaffee-netz are rather keen on the Bentwood. But this is a time based grinder again. Maybe worth a second look to use this one in SD mode.
My dream grinder would be a single dosing grinder without the need bellow out the reminding coffee (is this term correct?) and minimise the need for RDT. Which led me to the option-o lagoon P100. Complicated... :)


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I am happy with my Nautilus, but I only drink light to medium light filter roasts(also as espresso). I don't do any RDT and I don't really need any bellowing, so I guess the P100 is capable of the same. The commandante is great for filter but I hate grinding with it for espresso :D .


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I also looked at the Nautilus. Pretty good stuff, but I have some issues with the design (my wife even more so) and I wouldn't know of a place to see one "live".


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There you see the differences in preference for style :D I did not consider the P100 because I don't like the look of it. I know the electrics are "ugly" of the nautilus but you can hide it pretty well.


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I understand why one could really like the Nautilus. It is a tool and has the looks of a tool. And a cool external power supply. But I would probably get hurt if I tried to put this into our kitchen ;)
Coming back to the burrs: Lagom attaches the HU burrs. With the Nautilus, you can choose and I know they offer HU as well as low fines burrs. But all of the (if I got that correctly) go into a more unimodal direction and this might get incompatible to our "household reality". And if I want to go with a more traditional workflow, the question will be if stepping up to 98mm makes sense at all, right?


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So as a tip you could just write the owner of Titus(Frank). As far as I know he also functions as a reseller of the burrs. Or you could write SSP directly. I guess both would be way better in knowledge. My own experience (Decent) if you found the right grind setting, it is really consistent. But I don't use classical 9 bar profiles and the dialing in process takes more time than with classic espresso grinders, because you have less fines.
Here is also some information on the different burrs 98mm Burrs for Brew


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Thank you once more. I somehow got the feeling that 98mm ist not that useful regarding my "outer circumstances". I get the feeling the P64 might be a good option. The HU burrs seem to be great as an all round set and I could always switch to the unimodal ones to push into light and filter. So maybe I should "start" with that...