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#311: Post by chunter1001 »

Anyone with a P100, does the spout spring back when you press it? I thought this was an anti-retention mechanism, but my unit's spout will press down with some force, but not spring back up on its own.


#312: Post by gritts »

Have you operated the spout spring while the motor is running/the grinder is discharging grounds? If so, you can get ground stuck in the gap, unfortunately. If you log onto the EAF Discord there was just a discussion on it last night: ... 0042022932


#313: Post by chunter1001 »

I don't think I did. Just got it today. But, it was an easy fix to unscrew the top, remove the set screw that holds the chute, and then adjust the spring screws.


#314: Post by McPickle »

Has anyone tested the alignment and shimmed this grinder? If so, how did it go for you?

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#315: Post by hoxha »

They seem to be aligned to about 20-30 microns from the factory. Option-O recommends against trying to shim and so on, I think.


#316: Post by zero610 »

I think I remember a while back people being able to get a p100 without burrs. Anyone know if that was a limited deal or what the price was?


#317: Post by level3ninja »

That was while there was the SSP burr shortage. Right now there's a shortage of P100s (compared to demand), rather than burrs. You could always try emailing them and asking


#318: Post by NerdyMug »

Received my P100 with HU burrs and so far its a marked step up from my Specialita. Strikes a balance between the high clarity almost to a fault of the B Plus with great clarity at lower RPM. My first venture out into the premium grinder universe and not disappointed. The unit is a beast and looks the part though it does have a sleek modern look. I did notice that the base plate on my unit doesn't fit all the way into the body. It seems to get stuck about a couple mils out maybe due to misalignment of the two prongs on the plate (look to be a bit more narrowly spaced than the holes in the body). Is this normal or should I check with Option O on this?


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I'd email them

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PrincePolo82 wrote:I want an endgame grinder and I'm not open to considering the Monolith Conical given the RDT annoyance.
I don't want to derail the thread as this isn't the main topic of discussion, but I just wanted to say that RDT is not a necessary step as an MC4 owner.