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Can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that there is no branding on the grinder.
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My backpacks are (well, were) made for me by a small company in Portland, Cilo Gear. Back then you had to pay them to make them to sew their logo onto the pack.
Loved that philosophy that a company can not feel the need to logo everything.


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Totally agree, in this day and age it's refreshing to see the lack of logos


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Guys, did you experiment with the rpm? Why would I choose for example 7 instead of 3, what would be the reason? Or why not always use 1 or 9 :)


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My own experience is lowest RPM with the same burrset trended more toward bitterness and higher RPMs toward more acidity. They don't change the shot time much by tweaking it a number or two up or down. I use 3 as I find it a good balance for my ULF burrs, plus it evacuates most of the grounds while grinding, while the lowest speeds not much comes out before the purge. With HU burrs which has a little more bitterness in the mix I liked going up a little more. I did not dig speed 1 much with any burr.

I think the beans might popcorn more at very high speed settings. You'll get a different kind of mound in your portafilter by using different speeds and slightly different amount of chaff/fines on your funnel.


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That almost turned me on!!

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With HU burrs and light roasted coffees with no chaff to moderate I have really liked rpm 3. 4 was seemingly similar.


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Hello Chencheh, are you by any chance using the brew burrs in P100 from titus? Another user(eiern) seems to mention that the deepest cuts of the brew burr fell below the rim of P100, which may lead to ground evacuation problem. Wondering have you noticed any problem with ground retention? Thank you.
Chencheh wrote:Chaff size depends on many factors. Burrs, grind size, coffee etc. It's an interesting question, though I don't think it has anything to do with grind quality. With two different burrs, under same grind setting, the chaff size of Brew burr is slight larger than then the chaff from LU burr.
(Coffee is Tatmara natural by TimWendelboe, grind size is 6.5(about 487.5um burr gap)).


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Yeah the deepest cuts of brew burr are under the top burr carrier surface on P100. I add a 0.5mm ring shim under the top burr and it raises the burr above the surface. For what I know is that now Option-O they starts providing precision ring shim for brew burr users and it's quite close to what SSP offers with old EK recut burr.

However I don't notice any real difference before and after shimming. It's about 20um under the burr carrier surface. I don't really think it brings retention issue, and for filter range it doesn't affect the grinding output.