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#221: Post by redpig »

Mine (black) just arrived today. I'm looking forward to trying it out (but it'll be a bit before I can, unfortunately)! Until then, I will say that its shipping setup nice -- cardboard box around a reusable plastic case with custom fitted foam:

LMWDP #411


#222: Post by kidloco »

Eiern wrote:Congrats! Any reason for having that lower platform upside down? I think those rubber feet should be facing the table.
Yeah I noticed a few minutes later :)

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#223: Post by JavaKoffie »

Very exciting and can't wait to see it out of the box. I believe mine is stuck at Customs. It says UPS waiting for package. This has happened to me with other companies. It can take a week to unstuck.

Mysteriously, I think, a second package showed up in my UPS app. Both from HK, different shipper. One from Hong Kong Yee Hou Trading Co and the other from RBost Trading Limited.

Did you receive two packages?


#224: Post by Hebeares »

My P100 was delivered last week and after days of hands on I have to salute to this mighty grinder! It's quiet, fast, precise and user friendly. Money well spent!


#225: Post by HH » replying to Hebeares »

I see you went for the Lagom Piglet100 - an excellent choice!


#226: Post by JavaKoffie »

Received my P100 and it is nothing short of amazing. An older guy but relatively new to espresso. Coming from the Eureka Atom 75,an excellent grinder. I felt most of my shots were a bit more sour than they should be. Even the dark roasts that should naturally be less sour. I did a taste test this morning. The P100 produces a shot that is so rich and flavorful. The Atom still had a sour taste. With the Atom I was enjoying the shot but didn't rush to have another cup. With the P100 I want to pour another cup one after the other. It is so delicious. It takes it to the level of specialty coffee shops.

I now want to go back to some light and medium roasts with citrus flavor notes. Those are naturally more sour. To see what the P100 does to the flavor.


#227: Post by Hebeares »

Man you are right. I can instantly notice the difference between the shot from my specialita and P100. P100 is way better in many ways.
Plus talking about the precision in almost zero retention every time. It just feel right and premium that I expected from this price range.
Can't wait to pull another shot just to experience the grinding :lol:

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#228: Post by bigwill336 »

What coffee are you using if you don't mind me asking?


#229: Post by ho.alan »

Awesome threads guys.

Currently I am using EK43s with Pre-2015 SSP Burrs and the Remi Hand grinder from Option-O

I only do filter brew Coffee so I'd like to give the new "Brewing" burrs from SSP a try.

I am purchasing a P100 right now but the representative from Option-O is telling me that I'll have to wait until they get enough orders for the new brewing burrs to make it happen.

Well for the meantime I hope everyone who gets their P100 is loving the grinder.

I got a lot of confidence from their hand grinder. Lovely build and design.

Looking forward to the P100!

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#230: Post by atroster99 »

Brew burrs for p100

Talk to Hayden. I had ordered my p100 with brew burrs bc I wasn't planning on putting an espresso machine in my 2nd home. Then my wife suggested we get the descent machine and I asked if I can Change to the HU burrs so we can do espresso . Hayden said no problem. Supposedly the Brew burrs I had ordered were already there - I'm waiting for the cosmetic issues to get fixed (like many of us from the August orders) and I don't have my grinder yet.

I'm guessing the option o rep is not tracking such swaps. And they might have my brew burrs sitting there.

Also - Hayden has stressed that the HU burrs are making great filter coffee. I know there are some reviews out there on HU burrs making less than ideal filter brews but it's worth noting that the p100 team is making a lot of light roast filter brews with the HU burrs. Like many folks I like the EK burrs from 6-8 years ago. That said, I still think current Ek set ups make great light roast filter coffee.

Lastly - someone in this way too long thread had asked me to do a comparison of the versalab m4 vs p100 - which I will eventually do now that I'll have HU burrs. I have been using an m4 for over 6 months