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#211: Post by kidloco »

Oh mama! That means my Lagom and Londinium could be coming at the same time :mrgreen:


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anx21 wrote:Are there any photos of a black P100? I've only seen this extremely low res one from google images:

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This morning (mind you I am in Singapore) I got a confirmation of shipment and a tracking number! Black 220V was ordered on the first day.


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Black edition


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Thank you for the fotos! Before I didn't realize that P100 is almost the same size as the 64mm version. That is amazing! I have seen the 64 a couple of times and it is such a nice form factor.


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JavaKoffie wrote:

Now the 64,000 question. A high-end grinder is supposed to bring out the subtle flavor notes of the bean. My biggest fear I will not see a difference. For the inaugural run what bean is recommended to realize the potential of this grinder?
Going with the bean you're most familiar with has some advantages. You'd make dialing in easier and could then better pick out changes in flavor or texture. However, I think we land on our default bean in part because it works best on our equipment. So you might not even like your favorite bean with this grinder! But it might open up others you hadn't liked.

So you'd think the differences should be most pronounced going lighter, as that should be where the big flats excel.

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On Beans - I am a pure light roast drinker. One might even say that some beans that folks call light I have considered too dark. But getting into these nuances can be crazy. In my home state of Colorado I love Sweetbloom for filter coffee- but not usually for espresso.

In the world of light roasted coffees - but not too light - I have been loving Olympia coffee's single origin Colombian coffees. I think the bigg burrs do a great job but don't go too fine in an attempt to buffer acidity as you will pick up bitter/dry flavors. It's a very different bitter than you get from the oils on darker roasted beans.

I also think kuma out in Seattle does a great job - I am able to get really sweet shots from their Hondurans and intense stone fruit on almost all of their washed Ethiopians. Many light roasted coffees that I enjoy on filter just often have too much acidity to buffer and you lose some of the softer flavors. Just the same, I think these two roasters are a touch too dark (still light) to really get amazing filter brews.

Lastly I'd add that a flow control shot helps as much as stepping up to a high end grinder assuming your non p100 is a solid grinder.

Lagom 100 orders info:
On orders: looks like a lot of the silver grinders will go out by early October - or sooner if the parts that had cosmetic damage come back sooner.

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Thanks for the ideas for a bean. I have an espresso and I'm not making pour overs. Sounds like you prefer beans that don't make it to the first crack.


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A few days ago :) Grinding a few kg of beans at the moment. Tried V60 brew (have some problems with the machine), for now, I am very satisfied


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Congrats! Any reason for having that lower platform upside down? I think those rubber feet should be facing the table.