Lagom P100 Owners, Help with Consistency

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#1: Post by jsaccio1+ »

I have a P100 I use with Linea Mini and my shots are all over the place. Wondering if other P100 owners are able to get consistent shots?
I've worked with LM so I know the Linea Mini is operating properly. I keep my prep process exact but (18g basket) 17g in 34g out vary from 12 sec to 45 secs. Also the pucks are wet and sometimes stick to the screen and break apart. It's driving me nut so would appreciate any advice. Thanks, Joe

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#2: Post by lessthanjoey »

Highly consistent for me. Do you wdt? Weigh your input?

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#3: Post by Rytopa »

Assuming if you have wdt properly, I would drop the dose to 16g and see if it helps.

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yes, I do wdt, rdt and I use a leveler. I will try 16g and see if that helps. TY

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Generally lower dose is going to be more variable rather than less in my experience. Thinner pucks are going to show more unevenness.

Can you video your workflow?
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#6: Post by Jeff »

When you lock in a tamped puck and don't pull a shot, does the dispersion screw leave an indent?

Which burr set and what roast level?

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If you have the old model without the auto purge at the end, there may be grounds stuck inside that are being cycled with each grind

Check the lance Hedrick video

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#8: Post by Eiern »

What basket are you using? Nothing but repeatable shots here too.

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You should also state if you are using the HU burrs since there are other options which are more finicky. Also how many pounds have gone through the burrs?

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#10: Post by zefkir »

No issues on my end, is there a possibility that you're locking the PF in the machine a little to cavalierly and unsitting the puck in the process at times?