Lagom Mini third-party power supply improvement

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I purchased a Lagom Mini some months back to improve my pourovers, and to prepare for my ECM Synchronika purchase later. It was my first "real" grinder, and greatly improved my pourovers. However, it would stall on medium roasts (e.g: Blue Bottle Bright, Verve Sermon) from time to time. When this happened, an unground whole bean or two would make it through into the grounds cup.

My pourover grind setting is a bit over 2 full revolutions from true zero.

When I got my espresso machine and started grinding finer (0.61 to 0.65 full revolutions from zero), anything except the darkest coffees would stall badly, or stop working. Even feeding it a couple of beans at a time would stall it.

I contacted Lagom support, who were helpful. They thought it could be the power adapter, and sent me a new one. It was the same as before, 24 volts, 2.7 amps, so about 65 watts. However, it did reduce the stalling by around 70%, but not fully. It would still stop a little too often, and you could hear the noise of the motor/burrs change as it slowed down a bit when it was encountering some uneven resistance from the beans, like it was struggling.

Through this forum, I found out that the Lagom Mini actually has a 120 watt motor, and that they decided to provide a small power brick for "convenience and aesthetics", which I think are the wrong priorities for a functional piece of equipment such as a grinder.

I did a Google search for "Power Supply 24V 120W - UL/FCC Certified", and bought a really nice one from an electric supply house for $55. And oh boy, it made a huge difference! The motor and burrs sounds smoother and seem to "struggle" a lot less, and ZERO stalling. It is finally performing the way it is pitched by Option-O and the glowing reviews on YouTube. I highly recommend factoring in a high quality power supply into the purchase price for this thing.

If anyone at Option-O is reading this, please at least give customers the option to get a bigger power supply.
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Thanks for the tip. I'm having no problems with the Mini, but it sounds like the stock power supply might be right on the cusp. There have been burr changes that may affect performance as well. In any case, it's good to have this alternative for those who need it.
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I haven't had any trouble with mine, but good to know there are options (pun intended) if I do!
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Thanks for that info. I'm digging my mini as well. Mine does stall on occasion. Running Tim Wendelboe light roast. Would you be kind enough to share a link for the power supply you bought? Or just the make and model. Thanks

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