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Did anyone see the Instagram of Option-O... They just gave sneak peak of Lagom MINI
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I love their design esthetic on the Lagom P64 and now this Mini.
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bbmm75 wrote:Did anyone see the Instagram of Option-O... They just gave sneak peak of Lagom MINI
If it's the right price this could end up being the Niche killer. There's certainly a market for a Niche-like grinder up to $1k or so seeing what they go for on the aftermarket, and if Lagom can capitalize on that there's money to be made. I wonder if they'd be able to keep up with demand better than Niche has.


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looks like this is the product page

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Looks like it's pour over focused?


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Maybe more of a Fellow Ode competitor in that case, I wonder if 279 is the full price or a deposit.


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I'd say the Lagom Mini looks like a direct competitor to the Goat story Arco grinder.

That's if they eventually make espresso focused burrs available, which would not be surprising.
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Is the hand grinder in the last photo for scale purposes or a suggestion for a pair of grinders to suit both pour over and espresso?


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Product page is up and it's "available now. Shipping next week." (written from their instagram account where they're are answering questions in the comments)

38 mm conicals, same as in their "REMI" hand grinder (Helor 101?)

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I think they will do very well with this.