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Lancehedrick wrote:Hey! So, they had me purchase a new power supply cord that supposedly would draw more power to the unit. I did this and it improved the stalling quite a bit, but I still had some stalling issues if I were to go to a fineness setting that matches, say, 150 on the Bentwood. Hope that helps. They are sending another unit to ensure mine was not faulty, but we will see. It is odd they chose to use only 85 watts of the built in motor.
Oh interesting. They sent me a new one too. The new one totally still stalls, about the same or ever so slightly less. Though it's much, much, (and I can't emphasise this enough) ..quieter than the first. I can now see why some reviewers said it's pretty quiet 8)

They haven't said anything about getting a beefier power supply. I'm giving it some seasoning time though, before writing to them again - to make sure it doesn't just go away, and as they had asked me to do that with the first one.


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The stalling issue is being solved with new power brick that supplies more power to the motor. Someone is already using this by buying an off the shelf one and using it with great success. The next batch of Mini's will be shipped with more powerful bricks.


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Oh good to hear. They must've figured this out just after sending out my replacement unit then, as the power brick in the new one is identical (84W). Did swap it out anyway, to be certain, and in case internals had changed. But no, same stalling.


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Has anyone gotten one of the newer ones recently? I'm interested in knowing if the stalling issue has really been solved.


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If UPS tracking is accurate, mine is arriving tomorrow. I'll post some feedback if I get a chance.


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I've only put about 5-6 18g espresso shots through it, but have not experienced any stalling yet. I didn't need to slow feed the beans in either, just dumped them in and turned it on. The coffee I'm using right now is a medium roast, and I have some light roast coffee coming later this week, so we'll see how it does with that.


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Nice, glad to hear things are going well thus far. I'm personally relieved to hear it as I ordered one on the assumption this was fixed (as some messages in this thread suggested though there wasn't really any confirmation). Can't wait to get it. I'm in Seattle too; which local roaster do you like? I am a big fan of Olympia (technically not Seattle, but they have a few cafes here). Look forward to hearing how the lighter roasts go.


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After putting some light roasted roasted coffee through it today (ground for espresso), I still haven't had any stalling, but I could definitely hear it working harder.

One minor gripe is that it seems to grind through 18g of beans in about 35 seconds, but I need to keep it running for another 15-20 seconds or so while it slowly spits out the rest of the grinds. Maybe this will improve once the burrs are seasoned? Or maybe someone will make some sort of aftermarket bellows for it? Not a big deal, but something to be aware of.
Olympia Coffee is one of my favorites, I'm also a big fan of Bluebeard Coffee Roasters in Tacoma.


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Bellows will not help push the coffee out faster. You just need to be patient. I've changed up my routine a bit so I start the grinding earlier in the process (before I preheat cups etc), that way it's ready when I'm ready. I also find for espresso settings it helps to give a couple of palm taps on top with the lid off to force a little air through. This reduces retention from ~0.15g down to <0.05g Not necessary for filter settings.


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Well, mine just showed up yesterday despite my never getting a shipping notice! Got to try it this morning, and it made a great shot right off the bat with Coava Roasters Ethiopia Anbessa -- just tried the recommended espresso (16 ticks from zero) and it pulled in 22 seconds (+8 seconds preinfusion).

Only thing is I got the black one and really wish it would've had a black power adapter -- the white adapter and cord doesn't look right at all.