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Grinders are one of the keys to exceptional espresso. Discuss them here.

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You switch the grinder off, then close the burrs until you cannot turn anymore (you can feel it, no force needed). That is the zero point for lagom mini. For espresso you then turn 4-5 dots back. 18 dots for filter.


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Got mine today :D
There are some improvements since July 2022!
Starting July 2022, we have also updated the motor/gear component using reinforced gears to allow the Mini to handle even more demanding espresso applications (e.g. light roasts).


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48mm Obsydian burrs

First impressions:
- Unbelievable heavy.
- very nice finish.
- very low noise.
- Little static electricity.
- A little detail, I would prefer a black color for the power supply (it's white).

For now, tested a V60 light roast (15gr 30s) and a medium for espresso (20gr 60s), without any difficulty.
A few blows with the palm of the curved hand to bring out the last 0.2gr
Good result in the cup, didn't feel difference with my commandante C40 ( just my feelings).


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I have just made a bellows to print, it works very well.
I share it here, enjoy