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level3ninja wrote:There is no MSRP though, it's a literal price on a website you can buy it for, not a Manufacturer Suggested Recommended Price. If you don't like Prima's price buy direct.
That is why I put "MSRP" in quotes.


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I could complain about the local retailers selling Niche Zeros for a 40% markup, or I could just order direct from Niche and get it in a few weeks...


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Is it enough for espresso this grinder?

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It likely is suitable for espresso in a light-duty setting (a few shots in a session). It is not a commercial grinder.


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Just an opinion. Was considering the Lagom Mini(LM) for v60 brews. Have couple very capable espresso only grinders. V60's are just occasional drinks. Went manual (1Zpresso K-Pro). Right choice for my specific needs. Single dose. Quality cup. Grinds relatively fast (~1gm/couple seconds). Minimal maintenance and significantly less money. Plus for the LM was as a back up to the primary espresso grinder (Niche Zero). But have the Macap sitting in storage. LM has the big plus of a single dose grinder (less waste and mess) and minimal footprint. Would still consider the LM if I sold the Macap.
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So should I should buy this thing or not?


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I've had mine for a few weeks (moonshine burrs, used for only espresso only, 2-4 drinks per day). I say buy. I personally love everything about it, size, aesthetics, can't tell much difference in taste compared with Kinu hand grinder. Retention at the very most is .3g in my testing, I got a custom bellows from etsy and now it's pretty much zero.


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What kind of beans? I'm not a fan heavily roasted coffee, and drink 99% light or very light (Nordic) roasts. I'm still reading mixed reviews regarding stalling and motors dying.


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I've used it for mostly mediums as I also have a unimodal grinder that I use for filter/light roasts, but I have ran light roasted beans through it to test it out (Onyx coffee marketed as "modern" for reference). I have seen it stall one time for maybe half a second, but if you read the user guide on their website it does recommend seasoning the grinder before using it specifically for light roast espresso. Currently going through a bag marketed as "Light-Medium" with zero issues.

"Burrs seasoning - for light roast espresso
Lagom Mini is ready for use right away upon unboxing.
However, when the coated burrs are new, there will be
more friction initially and so grinding hard beans will
require more torque than normal. If possible, we do not
recommend using the Lagom Mini for very light roast
espresso until the burrs have bedded in a little. You can
use light roast for filter-brewing out of the box. You can
also use medium-light roast on the Mini for espresso
without any special consideration."


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How do I find the zero point (new to grinders) for lagom mini?
I heard that i have to turn it on, then adjust the steps until I hear the machine making noise and that'll be close to the zero point?
anyone post a video/link for this? is this the same for flat burr grinders and conical burr grinders?