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dikemiya wrote:I just saw there was a new case being made on Option O website and contacted them about it.

If you see their official social media account for China (little red book ).
Was there any indication of release date?


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they said august 1st.

its on their site now ... mini-8yhcg


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The price is a bit ridiculous


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majs2009 wrote:I just received my black lagom mini with moonshine burrs today. The material and build quality feels very premium. It is heavier than it looks.

The first thing I did was testing it at the finest setting possible (just one tick past burrs touching point) which was finer than I would ever need for espresso. I used light-medium roast. It ground through the beans smoothly without any hint of stalling.

I also tried a V60, the cup had nice body with clear presentation of the tasting notes.

For initial impression, I am very happy with my purchase.
Hi, can you share with me what is the adapter rating is it 24V 3.5A? My Lagom Mini stalls even with 24V 5A adapter for medium-light espresso grinding, and this is 5 numbers past burrs touching point.


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The adapter has 24V 2.7A output and it does not stall. I have been using the grinder mainly for espresso without issues.

It could be something different internally within the new adapters. Also, I have 230V 60Hz electricity, possibly the 60 Hz makes the motor run 20% faster than people with 50 Hz electricity...

Here is a picture of the new adapter.


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level3ninja wrote:The price is a bit ridiculous
Ridiculously low?

I'm not aware of another grinder near its price point that's got a great single dosing workflow, very low retention, high clarity burrs, and is small and portable. It's a bargain IMO.


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The price of the new case, US$45. I paid AU$30 including postage for the Nintendo Switch case I bought off eBay and used the foam from the box the Mini shipped in. It's much sturdier than the case from OO looks.


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level3ninja wrote:The price is a bit ridiculous
its in the price range of hand grinders of the same size.... (comandante is ~350; Kinu is ~250-350, 1Zpresso ~150-250).

By putting it in that price bracket it challenges the common advice that hand grinders is best quality for the buck, and they first kids on the block for quality grinder at such a low price point... I can see them dominating the bracket like how Niche dominated its price bracket being there is not much to challenge it for at least a year or two.

I think the only 2 that can challenge it is the Ode and DF64(if on sale) which is also the same price bracket but a flat burr type at standard config. The burr changes ups the price drastically into Niche levels.


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If you read the comment above my original comment you quoted, or the comment above the one you just made you'll notice I'm talking about the new case they're offering. I think the price of the grinder is great.


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I've used Lagom mini for a full month, and I haven't had a single stalling issue.
I've grind medium-light roast at finer setting than espresso by accident couple times and it hasn't stalled.
I also have been grinding for espresso once a day at least.

It does have some fines when I brew clever drip, and I'm hoping they sell Moonshine burrs separately at some point.