La Marzocco Swift Mini with Etzinger grind mechanism

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I just saw the following coming by on the Etzinger FB:
Shown at #host2019 .. New by La Marzocco #swiftmini #lamarzoccohost2019 #etzingergrinders #etzmax

There is also this news post about a Swift Mini posted earlier today: ... wift-mini/

So apparently it grinds, weighs and tamps !!

Based on the Etzinger FB post, its overall appearance and the fact that it weighs the grind I'm assuming its an EtzMax inside and a different machine than the existing 64mm flat burr swift: ... cco-swift/

I'm thinking I'd really fancy that red one or the black one with my LMLM :mrgreen: A pretty-fied LM EtzMax that even tamps for you 8)


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Any news on EtzMax availability in the US?


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I saw the FB post by La Marzocco Home today. I am really curious what the price point on this will be. It looks like they styled it to match the LMLM.

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Indeed! It appears to be styled to match the LM and the LMLM specifically with the range of colors that appears to be available :D

@A further post by Etzinger.


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RikC wrote:So apparently it grinds, weighs and tamps !!
That's right, it's essentially a home-friendly version of the hulking La Marzocco Swift that's been around for many years for cafes. The La Marzocco Swift Mini Review starts today. :D
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Any hints on the pricing.

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That is a pretty darn small motor.
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The original Swift was a very nifty grinder. Used one a decade or two ago. One of their big plus points, ceramic burrs. One of their big down points, ceramic burrs. While sharp and a ridiculous life span they were quite expensive and one little rock will destroy them.
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Any word on the other new grinder by LM shown at HOST. Looks like it has ionized air to reduce static. I was playing around with this idea a few years ago with good results.
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#10: Post by Paul_Pratt »

I like the design a lot, it clearly has Marzocco DNA from earlier grinders they sold.

One item of note though is the Swift grinder was not that well received when it was first launched around the millenium. Personally I thought it was great, a perfect choice for people so used to super auto machines. IIRC the negative comments were that dosing and laying of the grinds in the basket by the rotating impeller made the espresso a bit thin. Fast forward 15+ years and now people are advocating such dosing and distribution with the use of dosing tools.