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Hi everyone,

I got a call today. They are available in Canada. So for sure in USA.

Price is a bit "yikes" imho and for now only available in silver/black combo. I am told white color will be released in a few months. For this kind of $... I will only get if I can get same color is my LMLM.


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I reached out to LM USA last week asking about it and they said they aren't available in the States yet. Should be available towards the end of 2020 though. I got to use one at LM USA HQ and it's a fantastic grinder, especially for those that want an easy routine. While it will be expensive, I think the WAF will make it fairly popular.
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drill_and_phil wrote:While it will be expensive, I think the WAF will make it fairly popular.
Exactly why I'm interested. I am concerned about the burr size and the quality of what they'll produce, aesthetics and convenience are definite factors I consider for my setup too. My wife gets up to teach online around 3am, so something that simplifies the early early morning process for her would be much appreciated.

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There is a review by HB around here somewhere and a also somewhere, a comparison with, if I remember correctly, a Monolith. It's possible both of those are here:

La Marzocco Swift Mini Review


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And today you can buy it! Only $2500, not as bad as I'd feared it might be. ... 9b638b3add



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Available at LM Home USA per an email announcement I just received. ... olor=Black

But damn. I was expecting $1800ish based on conversion rates with some EU prices I saw. Don't think I can climb up to $2500 for one.


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looks like they are sold out in US and i don't see a white or red color option on the site.

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I have had one in my kitchen for a couple weeks now. Apparently I was one of the first people to get one delivered in Ireland from LM/UK.

My experience with it so far has been surprising, even after reading the HB review. The base quality of espresso is consistently very high and the error band is very narrow. It goes against so much of the current thinking on what kind of grinder, dose, and distribution technique it takes to get great espresso. It has been a incredibly consistent grinder for me so far.

That said, I clear the grind mechanism with a short pulse if it hasn't been used in a while and brush out the distribution mechanism. It retains a surprisingly small amount in the grind mechanism but a surprisingly large amount in the impeller. It is easy to clean though, the impeller is held in place via a magnet and can be removed without tools. I weigh the dose (which is consistently within a 0.5g range) and weigh the extraction to be sure I am getting the ratio I like. I use a naked portafilter exclusively and maybe 1/10 shots goes a little wonky but nothing that seriously affects the taste.

I expected to spend a lot of time and burn through a lot of coffee dialing it in. I had it in 3 tries which probably is less of a reflection on any skill I possess and more of a reflection on calibration at the factory. I suspect it shipped from the factory perfectly in the middle of the range and all I had to do was adjust for my beans.

If it helps, mine measures 17.75 inches from base to top of the hopper. My cabinets are 18.5 inches tall and I have no problem filling the hopper. The grinder does protrude a couple of inches from the front of the upper cabinets. You will want some clearance between it and the wall to swing the grind mechanism to the side.


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I purchased the Swift Mini today. To those who already have the grinder, could you advise on my questions below.

1. What are the 0.1mm and 0.2mm shims for?
2. I find that the dosing seems inconsistent. For one of my experiments, I grind a bean at 0 and yield 18.5. When I go down to -1, I end up with 16.8 but when I go the opposite direction to +1, I end up with 19.5. I was expecting a similar difference between the grind adjustments instead of 1 and 1.7. This trend followed with other beans I sampled. The decrease margin was a lot more significant than when the dose is increased by the same rotation.
3. The last thing is I find that the higher dose the better it tamps. When I rotate the dose to -2 it hardly tamps the puck. Is there something I can do to fix that?


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mike01 wrote:It appears the height of this grinder is 18-1/2 inches, which is too tall to fit under standard cabinets. This seems to be a major miss on the part of la Marzocco. If this is being targeted towards home users, why wouldn't they have found a way to make it an inch shorter?
When I measured it I got 17-5/8 tall.
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