La Marzocco Pico

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#1: Post by Jaroslav »

The new 39mm conical, stepped on-demand grinder by La Marzoccco, La Marzocco Pico:

Price: 990€ (+tax)


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#2: Post by LondonBunny »

I like the 70s look.


#3: Post by Bleep4032 »

Stupid question do we know if it's conical or a flat burr set?


#4: Post by lagoon »

Going off the appearance, it looks like a bottomless conical style.

Much like Etzinger or Sette layout.


#5: Post by mmorkel »

Exit of grounds from the bottom suggests conical. Could be the Etzinger mechanisms as previously used in the Swift mini.


#6: Post by t3rabytes »

LM US Home site states steel flat burrs, but LM commented on instagram saying conical 39mm.

Stealth edit: LM looks to have updated the US site to correct that it's a conical burr, but still doesn't mention the size.


#7: Post by freditoj »

I wonder if it's as loud as the Baratza Sette.

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#8: Post by CarefreeBuzzBuzz »

"A user-friendly design, complete with a distinctive "stepped" feel, lets you effortlessly switch between grind sizes on the fly." says this mornings email.

Did they mean "stepless fail" - are we going back to my old Macap MC4.

Lots of competition in that price point. Interesting for them to jump in.
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#9: Post by Ypuh »

Looks like an Etzinger-designed grinder.

Assuming it's identical to the Etzmax Light T(imed) model in a La Marzocco styled jacket, the price of €1.175 seems very reasonable to me. The GBW feature (which adds $/€700 over the Timed model) completes it, but the overall grinder is designed really well.
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#10: Post by sternalot »

t3rabytes wrote:LM commented on instagram saying conical 39mm.
What is this? A burr set for ants?