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t3rabytes wrote: One interesting idea hot on the heals of LM announcing a special Acaia Lunar that can integrate with the Linea Mini for volumetrics, the Lunar fits perfectly in the grinds tray on the Pico. I wonder if GbW is coming soon via the same setup (I guess that would be with the dosing cup instead of PF?).
Yes, I noticed this too when I saw the grinder a few days after release that a lunar wold fit into the grind tray below the Pico. Does the Pico have connectivity? I can see this integration coming in if it does...

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Still enjoying this grinder. Curious what grind settings others are using for espresso. I originally started around 9, now around 7 but still learning the Micra and relearning how to pull good shots in general.

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I like the look. Tim makes a good point, for the pico and micra to be so obviously paired, they do clash a bit in their design ethos.

I like the rotating outer burr. To me it seems like it should have great alignment. I like the portafilter and tray accessories. It looks well thought out. Grinds look fluffy.

To me the niche is a respective grinder, but I can't stand the looks.

There is a lot of comment on value. I think the price is pretty reasonable. It's one third of the price of an etzinger max grinder for virtually the same product.

It's tempting, both with and without the micra bundle.

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I've had mine for about a week with the LMLu. The grind setting that seems to work best for the beans I've tried is between 5 and 6. I tried 9 and it was a geyser.

This is my first set up but I am weighing and timing the extraction so I feel fairly confident that the grind setting is good.

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I've been around a setting of 8 for 18g in 36g out at ~30 seconds with the Micra. Maybe I should crank it down more... still learning on this machine and grinder.

I was hoping for more reviews on it! As my first "nice" grinder, I really enjoy it!

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Sounds like you've got it dialed in! I'm also enjoying the Pico as my first espresso grinder. I've been single-dosing since I'm not sure what kind of coffee I like the best. I haven't had any issues with grind retention which is great -- on average of 0.1-0.2g. I certainly found that different coffees require different grid settings, so I'm not surprised that your setting is quite different than mine.

Not sure if you've tried it yet, but I found decaf coffee basically impossible to brew lol. There's another thread on here where they had the same experience (might have been different equipment but the same results). I was getting shots in <10s. Kept grinding finer until ~0 where water started shooting out without passing though the puck.

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another_jim wrote:It's on sale now for $995.

The specs are not commensurate with the price: 38mm conical, timed on demand grinding, single dosing not an option, but quiet and fast. However, it is an in house LM product; so it may be better in person than in spec.
Hi Jim,

Thanks for the review. Do you know what the (max) rpm is? I don't recall seeing it on the la marzocco website, or in your review.


Edit: I see it on other websites. It's listed as 800rpm.

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Frankly disappointed with the reviews and reception to this grinder. You usually get a comparison of how well a grinder is by comparing it with other machines, then grind quality, then looking at the maintenance, feature set and so forth. The deal on this with a mini and micra is very good for marzocco. I saw only one review on youtube that did this grinder any justice and still was lacking. No its not a niche that not everyone cares about. But really if you have this grinder then please let us know the obvious things that actually matter.
Espresso quality and grind consistency? Serviceability?

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You didn't find the Home-Barista review useful? (and the review is still ongoing)

La Marzocco Pico Grinder Review
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If anything, it's been lacking in comparisons to other grinders. Everything else has been addressed by kaffeemacher and this site after they posted their review, which is still ongoing.

It hasn't been out for that long, so that probably is a reason for the lack of reviews too.

The usualy suspects haven't really gotten their hands on it and reviewed it and by that I mean you tube reviewers.

On the other hand, it is in all honesty nothing special anyways if you are looking at the spec sheet.
On demand, timed grinding= plenty of others do it and do it well.

Small conical burrs= plenty of others do it and probably cheaper.
No burr upgrades possibility, as of now.

Serviceability = remains to be seen considering this has been out less than 6 months. And plenty of others do it for cheaper with well established histories in grinding.

The good or cool factors, it's made by LaMarzocco in house. It goes well with a Mini/Micra with the looks. It's a decent deal if purchased with Micra/Mini.
Performs equal to Niche Zero (which performs the same as the Titan grinders) in a very small package according to the HB review.

So overall not a very exciting offering to begin with that would warrant huge deep dives and comparisons. If a youtuber puts "disruptor or xyz killer" it might get more views or traction.

Without the package deal, I think very few will choose this grinder at $1000.