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pj.walczak wrote:Does the grinder operate same as etzMax or Sette, so the external burr/ring is rotating and the cone burr is fixed?
Yes, outer burr spins.


One thing I'm noticing is that this burr set gets warm while grinding. Even after just a few shots the grinds it's pumping out are noticeably warmer than I expected, and warmer than the Niche Zero would produce. I wouldn't want to use this anywhere near a psuedo-cafe environment because of that, but I did push 3x 12oz bags of sh** beans through it to do the lightest of seasoning without any issues, though the burrset and motor took a while to cool down. The 3 modes (single shot, double shot, continuous) each max out at 20s, so I was doing 20s, waiting a couple seconds, and hitting the button again. The highest I temped grounds during that process was 112-113F (edge case for sure). Taking the burrset apart is easy enough -- twist the bottom collar until the inner burr carrier drops into your hand, the upper burr is released via sticking a screwdriver into a lil hole (I'm quoting the manual for the upper one, I didn't actually pull that one out).

I'm starting to become satisfied with the shots I'm getting from it, but it's definitely been a grind finer grind finer grind finer haul, past where I expected to be. On my Niche I could get close within 2-3 shots, this has taken far longer, BUT brand new machine brand new burrs I don't know what I'm doing you know the drill.

Now if only my most recent batch of Minor Figures oat milk would steam properly...

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I agree with you!! I went with 64mm just because I feel it has many burr options.

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t3rabytes wrote:Yes, outer burr spins.

In the past there's been reports that this orbital style tend to jam up on very light roasts.

I recall Etzinger supplied a different stationary cone for use with light roasts.

I wonder how this machine handles very light roasts?

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Allongedaze wrote:If it's not a tweaked Sette/Etzmax then it's certainly borrowing the main aspects of their design with a slightly different shell :lol:
Except that the Etzinger isn't original either.

The Malykke grinder from Denmark predates Etzinger by more than a decade, first sold in 2004 - uses a belt that drives the outer conical burr dropping the coffee straight down through a cone/funnel, doesn't do GBW despite having a load cell, and has an adjustable motor speed.

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Any update on flavor profile of this grinder compared to other home enthusiastic grinders?

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One of the very few reviews I've been able to find:

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Thinner than I expect still? I haven't gotten a ton of coffee through it so that could change over time. I'm happy enough that I've relocated my Niche to the office though, leaving the Pico as the only grinder in my house.


One interesting idea hot on the heals of LM announcing a special Acaia Lunar that can integrate with the Linea Mini for volumetrics, the Lunar fits perfectly in the grinds tray on the Pico. I wonder if GbW is coming soon via the same setup (I guess that would be with the dosing cup instead of PF?).

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Another very fine review 8)

Ben Z.
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Impressive stream of grinds. Dead center into the portafilter which is relatively far away.

I think the micra/pico combo would be really good for someone with $ who just wants really good espresso without having to mess around.

No tasting notes in the review, though!

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Micra / Pico arrived today. Coming from an Encore I'm pretty impressed with the Pico. It seems really fast and super quiet. Still figuring out the best workflow - only pulled a couple shots tonight. I like how there's a place for the Lunar. Keeps things tidy. Easy to clean up any stray grounds even though that's really not an issue unless new user error. :)

As above if one is buying a new Micra, the Pico seems like a no brainer.